All the News that Microsoft Introduced Today

New features in Windows 10, Cortana smarter and an artificial intelligence show are included

Microsoft demonstrated a number of new features for its products in the Build, its developer conference, which took place on Wednesday (30). As news, we saw the main functions of Windows birthday 10 update, including support Bash, a smarter Cortana, and automated bots that analyze chats to help you in anything.

Summary for Lazy

You do not want to read this textão full of useful information about the company’s future? Short on time? No problem, I’ll be your guide. Below are the main points of the event to read in less than a minute:

  • Windows 10: What’s New in Hello, Windows Ink and finally supports Bash, the command line in Unix. Arrive between June and September in Brazil.
  • Xbox One: will also receive the upgrade to Windows 10, with the right to universal and Cortana apps.
  • Cortana: talking about her, she was much more intelligent. Now the digital assistant brand events alone reminds you of things you promised by email and supports third-party applications such as Skype and Slack.
  • Bot Framework: any developer can use APIs to build artificial intelligence bots to order pizza, for example. It is very easy to improve them.
  • Cognitive Services: machine learning and artificial intelligence help describe images and translate speech to text.



At the beginning of the presentation, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, gave a speech about how important the relationship between technology and society and how Microsoft is committed to promoting “a new form of computing.” The approach is still the “mobile-first, cloud-first”, but Nadella also spoke of the importance of artificial intelligence today.

Windows 10 distribution numbers have also been updated: now the operating system is more than 270 million computers around the world, with over 75 billion hours of usage in 8 months (!). The adoption of the operating system is the fastest ever seen.

According to Microsoft, everyone can migrate to Windows 10, standing with a new computer, a PC with 5 years old, “or even a new Mac,” joked the company. In addition to rapid adoption by consumers, Microsoft works to expand the Windows 10 for businesses. 4 million computers in the US Department of Homeland Security will receive the update.

What’s New in Windows 10

Microsoft’s goal with the birthday update is to enhance the personal computing and its relationship with society. The company announced new Windows Hello, now integrates with Microsoft Edge, while enhancing the use of stylus pens with devices with touch. The update should arrive between June and September in Brazil.

The integration of Windows Hello is very interesting, because the security mechanism that was previously used mainly for logging can now be used by websites. In the statement, Terry Myerson logged in a database only with the fingerprint. Will the creativity of developers popularize it, and is a good initiative for the Edge.

In addition, Windows Ink platform that integrates the styluses with Windows, won novelties. Above, you can see the new Ink Workspace, which is a kind of desktop for you to work with the pen, is to make notes, drawings and even select applications that have a good integration with the pen.

At the conference, Microsoft also asked everyone there if they still made notes on paper.A lot of people said yes, and a survey conducted by the company says that 72% of people still use pen and paper for at least one hour a day. With this update, the company targeted those users who can use the computer to write down simple things practicality.

In this same line of thought, if you write down a place or reminder, the Cortana will recognize and create an event on your calendar. If you write “call Mom tomorrow,” she recognize what was written and create a reminder.

Microsoft was keen to demonstrate that think that pen-computer interaction as a separate platform. So she won integration with various applications such as Maps (plot a route will Microsoft to give directions), Adobe Illustrator CC and PowerPoint, which will gain attention as drawing by ruler or digital stencil.

If you prefer to use special applications for Windows 10, you will be happy with this alternative: an update to the Starbucks application and new Universal applications Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to the Windows Store will arrive soon. Facebook Audience Network will also be available as SDK for developers.

Bash for Windows 10 . Uia! Microsoft announced at the news that the bash shell, common in Unix-based systems, will come to Windows 10. Thus, codes that can be commonly used on computers running Linux or OS X will have no problem running on Microsoft platform . With the new, developers will have access to thousands of open source tools on the command line.

Apps converter desktop. With the controversies in upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft wants more developers turn their applications into universal apps. With this tool, it will be easier to take a common application and convert it to a “modern app”, which may be published in the Windows Store. The converted modern applications have access to universal APIs to run on all Windows 10 platforms.

Xbox One Universal

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft ‘s Xbox division, was on stage to announce the new platform. Finally, Windows 10 will arrive for the Xbox One , which will bring more integration between the console and the Windows ecosystem, including the creation of universal apps . As an example of novelty above, Microsoft became Age of Empires II HDof Steam for a universal app and it ran smoothly.

To challenge the codes, they also converted the Witcher 3 , released last year, for the Windows ecosystem 10. The benefits are many: the app can use more consistently platform specific features, such as dynamic blocks and native notifications, it works with the Xbox One controls.

For developers, Microsoft also announced a development kit for the Xbox One, making it possible to export Visual Studio applications to be used directly on Xbox, like any other Windows device. In the demonstration, a universal application developed for Windows worked perfectly on Xbox, including voice recognition function.

Finally, the anniversary update of Windows 10 will bring the personal assistant Cortana for the Xbox One, plus the ability to listen to music while a game is running. More news to the console, according to Microsoft, will be demonstrated at E3 conference, which takes place in June.

HoloLens for Developers

Today is also a big step for HoloLens, augmented reality glasses from Microsoft. From this Wednesday (30), the HoloLens will begin to be delivered to developers, as well as the Galaxy Explorer application and its source code to improve the development and testing with “mixed reality”.

Microsoft also demonstrated at the conference as HoloLens is useful for students of anatomy, who can see the organs of the human body with HoloLens. The glasses can also be used to teach: Dr. Mark could give a lecture to students using HoloLens using the conference, as his face and hands appear to show.

In addition, the brain image above was generated from a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI in English acronym) of a real patient. In one room, students can walk around the hologram and see the teacher’s guidance, who said he had not yet understood the complexity of the human brain to have used HoloLens.

As a demonstration of the glasses utilities, Microsoft also showed Destination: Mars NASA’s space agency exclusively for who was watching Build. This project, now in virtual reality allows HoloLens consumers explore the planet Mars with NASA astronauts.

Cortana Smarter

After a speech he talked about the power of human language, and a brief mention of the Tay, Microsoft robot that learns from humans that showed a bit disastrous, Satya Nadella called the stage Marcus Ash to talk about the news of Cortana.

According to Nadella, human language is the new UI, robots “are the new applications” and digital assistants are the new apps target (or new browsers); that is, the AI is basically inherent in all its interactions with the technology. Microsoft does not want a duel between man and machine, but a union between the two.

Marcus Ash, the team Cortana also showed the news of Cortana, the digital assistant from Microsoft. She now is much more useful, analyzing your email and giving you suggestions or reminders automatically so you do not forget anything that has to do.

Microsoft did not just silly novelties, such as the possibility of making jokes. Integration with the new Outlook and your native calendar, the digital assistant reminds you to do things that he promised. For example, in the picture above, she said to Ash him not to forget to send a colleague a presentation by PowerPoint. Only with a voice command, he did it by sending an email with the attachment and an automatic message.

Since Cortana is not tied to a particular device, it can show notifications such as on devices with Android as well, for example. Tasks such as MS Expense (which includes all your expenses automatically), for example, can be directly saved to the Android device.

The digital assistant is increasingly powerful. Ash asked “that toy store I went last year during the Build?” She looked at the user location data and gave the correct answer: Ambassador Toys. All this with address information, navigation, evaluation and contact.

Cortana and Conversation Areas

Now yes! Nadella was on stage to announce new tools that Microsoft will use to analyze their conversations (in a good way). In partnership with GroupMe companies, Kik, Line, Skype, WeChat, and Slack, as well as SMS and e-mail, Microsoft announces news and asks: “Imagine if we could take your personal digital assistant to your chat areas?”. And that’s what they will do.

As a demonstration, Lilian Rincon, who works with Skype, announced new features for the service become more intelligent, as demonstrated in the application for Windows Phone (only time the platform appeared on the keynote inclusive). The Cortana will analyze your messages and help you whenever you can, is stressing an important stretch and showing an information card or checking a hotel reservation for you.

Now you can chat with the digital assistant for Skype for text, but with the ability to schedule events on your calendar, for example. In the case above, Rincon demonstrated booking a room at the Westin Hotel with the help of Cortana, where digital assistant chimed in to help the user. Very cool.

When the action is finished, the “hotel” will talk and you can ask for whatever you want to Cortana. In the demonstration, Cortana realized that Rincon has scheduled a trip to Dublin, the same place that her friend lives. Thus, the worker suggested to her tell her friend to mark something.

“As I do not know what time it is in Dublin now, I will not call, but to send a message,” said Rincon. Clicking on the message button, the Cortana automatically filled in the text field with the name of the friend, the travel date and a “love to put the catch up” at the end.

Intelligence to video: robots Skype video. Interested developers can also access the Skype platform and build a robot to do actions such as those shown above here.Incidentally, all the news above are not unique to Windows Phone: Android users, iOS and even HoloLens can use these features today (!).

Just imagine when more applications implement this feature. And this is Microsoft’s desire: they want to make it easier for all developers who make applications, build robots smart. With Cortana Intelligence Suite, they will have access to a bot structure, cognitive services, and machine learning used by digital assistant.

Microsoft Bot Framework

And all this can be used by a company or developer to “connect the bots users” in any conversation, whether on Skype, Slack, Telegram and even SMS (!), Available in millions of feature phones (or dumbphones). Above, Dan Driscoll showed a bot that he built and uses an API to order pizza for Domino’s. And really works!

It is an interesting feature because Microsoft provides tools for developers to make the robot better understand the digital language. They can add synonyms to the commands without the bot easily be confused by different verbs and words, but in that context mean the same thing.

This is characterized as a learning machine, but offered in a simple interface, where the person does not even need to know how to program to improve the robot. As an example, Lili Cheng took the stage to show how the bot can learn over time with the help of attendants.

When the robot does not understand what the consumer said when making the request, it can redirect it to a clerk to clarify the request. In the statement, the bot not correctly identified the place where the pizza was delivered, which was later clarified by the attendant. In real time, with the supervision of a human, the bot got smarter as early as the time of the request. And it can be just a regular attendant without having skills development.

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Finally, Microsoft ended collective demonstrating its technology that AI reading scenes from real life and describes useful to improve accessibility for the blind, for example.Cornelia Carapcea, Microsoft program manager, took the stage to detail the news.

More than 22 APIs available for developers who work with machine learning. One works in voice to text conversion by analyzing the context. Christened CRIS ( Custom Intelligent Recognition Service, or Intelligent Service Custom Recognition, in free translation), she heard a child talk, realized that certain objects were mentioned and transcribed them by context.

In the presentation, they also demonstrated a site where you upload an image and it describes what is in it, with an example of the iconic picture of the Mona Lisa was not well recognized (on purpose, since the assistant had not been trained to recognize it ).

But most fascinating was the last example, visible in the video above, where the software detected faces, genders, ages, emotions can run on simple special glasses for the blind. He even read restaurant menus, all thanks to artificial intelligence. It is very interesting, and all that was shown in the video, to see that Microsoft has put the project a blind software engineer who is now benefiting from the technology.