Alcatel One Touch Watch Buy

A few days ago you informed about the application of “brand” Alcatel OneTouch to provide clever clock in the days of technological 2015 CES show. We were promised a circular design and a very attractive price. The premiere of the Alcatel OneTouch Watch happen and we have more detailed information on the new device.

First, we note that it works with its own software (operating system) and will continue with its data:

  • CPU (chipset): STM429
  • Display: 1.22″ inch, 262K colors
  • Connectivity: the Bluetooth 4.0, the NFC
  • Battery: 210mAh, operates from 2 to 5 days, 1 hour charge
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, altimeter, heart rate sensor, E-compass
  • Protection: IP67 rating
  • Other useful features: the NFC, vibromotor
  • Compatibility: the Android 4.3+ and iOS7 +
  • Dimensions: Thickness – 10.5 mm; Diameter – 41.8 mm; Thickness chain / leash – 3.5 mm; Width bracelet / strap – 20 mm

Undoubtedly one of the most important features of the Alcatel OneTouch Watch is the ability to work with devices (especially smartphones) managed by Android 4.3+ (or higher) and iOS 7 (or higher). This compatibility with two popular mobile operating systems is something unusual for most current smart watches (popular products so far only Pebble has such compatibility). It should be noted that the link with a device controlled by Android, you might give a little more functionality. Link itself is done through Bluetooth 4.0.

Now comes a little more unpleasant information. It is hard to notice, but the display on the Alcatel OneTouch Watch is not completely round and not filling the hull. Besides the general framework inactive (black, but graduated ring around the display) that surrounds the screen, part of it is also cut. At the bottom is a black bar that hides important hardware (May management area with slide and tap). Now that we are known for Moto 360, where, however, we can at least look forward to an extremely thin frame. In the LG G Watch R does have a fully circular display, but the decision was a compromise with the thickness of the frame.

We will look and functionality of the new device. Tracking activity owner is through accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, heart rate sensor and electronic compass. Data collected to track sleep, covered distances traveled steps and calories burned. The smart clock supports notifications for calls, social networking, etc. Vibration namopnya to move away from the phone and feature finding its activated sound. Promised remote control of connected multimedia smartphone is available, as well as management of the cameras.

The battery is not large size (210mAh), but the manufacturer promises impressive from 2 to 5 days operating time on a single charge. Charging is pretty fast and occurs within 1 hour. Here comes the most interesting feature of this smart watch. It is a clever USB connector which is integrated in the chain. So the device can be charged without the need for special charger. We’re not completely siturni, but it might limit the choice of chains only a few options (sporty dark red / volcano black, feminine all-white, classic chrome / dark gray and elegant metal-white), formally offered by the manufacturer. Chains are of different materials and in different colors, but not all options will be available at the start of sales. Overall appearance of the product is suitable for both sexes.

The expected market launch should happen in March and will cost $ 149 USD. This price somewhat confirms the assertion Alcatel OneTouch, their mission is to make the latest technology in smart watches accessible to all. But we think that in this model have made some compromises that will irritate a part of the audience.