Against Blessed Gloves

With the blessing of Pope Francisco goalkeeper Torrico shone while defending two charges of penalty

Rio Grande do Sul-the Guild even managed to return to the 1 0 defeat suffered in the game, two weeks ago in Buenos Aires, but was defeated by the San Lorenzo by 4 to 2 on penalty shootout and was eliminated in the round of Libertadores Cup final , on Wednesday, in the Arena, in Porto Alegre. And the classification of the current Argentine champion had the hero goalkeeper Sebastian Torrico. Little more than four months after having had his gloves blessed by Pope Francisco, Club supporter, when he was with the team’s delegation to the Vatican view the Initial Tournament trophy, the Archer had performance safe in 90 minutes and defended two penalties, and Maxi Rodríg uez. In this way, the 12 shirt overshadowed the goal scored by Dudu.

One of the executioners of Botafogo in Group 2 and executioner of the Guild, San Lorenzo will have another Brazilian ahead of you on the road in search of a title. In the quarterfinals, the team coach Edgardo Bauza will measure forces with Cruzeiro, which also on Wednesday beat Cerro Porteño by 2 the 12:00 am Asuncion, after a tie in the 1:00 pm 1 Belo Horizonte, on March 16. The first match will take place in Buenos Aires, with a date to be set by Conmebol. Look for cycling gloves on

Enderson Moreira had four embezzlement for the game this Wednesday. The quarterback Rhodolfo, wheel Leo Gago and striker Kleber found in Medical Department, while midfielder Alan Ruiz, who belongs to the opponent, could not be used due to a contractual clause. The tricolor coach gambled on a more offensive scheme, drawing the wheel Ramiro to climb Zé Roberto and put the team in 4-5-1. Already visitors entered in the field with the same holders of victory in ida.

The goal that would give tranquillity to the homeowners could have left after just 11 minutes of the first half, but saved Buffarini San Lorenzo. Boats was launched by Dudu and covered up the goalie Torrico, but right back sped up and cut virtually on the line. Shortly after, at the age of 18, the striker appeared again, now as a pivot. He protected and fixed for the arrival of Edinho, who filled the foot and covered up the goal.

Cornered, Ciclón appeared with danger at the attack for the first time to 23 minutes. Edinho missed pass in front, Correa pulled the counterattack with speed and avail to Villalba, who came into the area and, when set the kick was blocked by para. As a result, the 28, Piatti risked out and sent near the lock right.

Boats was enough fires, but fought alone in attack. At the age of 38, Leon played for the Argentine, who cut two markers within the area, but Torrico did well and defended the beat with the right shoulder.

The second stage began with controversy. In the third minute, Ze Roberto charged corner kick from the right, Edinho headed into the middle and Boats in irregular position, completed for the goal. The arbitration was slow to point out the offside, which has generated confusion among athletes. Now legal condition, at eight minutes, boats took the bust of Gentiletti after the release by the high, and from inside the area to the right, filled the foot. Torrico gave rebound, but none appeared to complete gremista.

San Lorenzo was harmless for the most part, but a silly opponent almost opened the scoring. At 18, after a corner from the left, Grohe came out wrong and Villalba headed near the left post. If Villalba took ink, Geromel hit her with two minutes later. Rodriguinho crossed beating Miss left, the Defender deflected with his back to the goal, and the ball didn’t go in for little. On the left, the defence away the way it did.

With the Tricolor thanks to expose, San Lorenzo was expecting a counterattack to try to kill the confrontation. And the goal could have gone to 23, but Villalba choked. Midfielder sped down the left, but was afraid in time to hit and rolled to the Middle, where Manana was flustered by Wedell and failed to finish. Soon following, to 25, boats finished once again, but the attempt was deflected and went out.

With some organization and enough available, Grêmio won the goal that took the game to the shootout to 38 minutes. In play of athletes entered in the course of the match, Lucas rolled to Rabbit Rodriguinho, who crossed with strength. With the goalkeeper beaten, Dudu headed for the net.

The San Lorenzo still had good opportunity to decide even in normal time, at the age of 42. Gentiletti charged Miss left midfielder, Grohe and found nothing, but the ball was out, to the right of the goal.

In the penalties, the Guild has started at a disadvantage, in error, that stopped in Torrico. The Argentine arrow still defended another kick, Maxi Rodríguez, the third of the Guild. With any luck, Blandi and Buffarini hit the crossbar, but the ball went into both. The San Lorenzo is classified.