About Bleeding in Pregnancy

I hope everything is ok with the baby! This is the first thought guaranteed if bleeding in pregnancy occur. Fortunately, in many cases, they are harmless.

There are many reasons why bleeding during pregnancy may occur. Especially in the first half of pregnancy they occur more often – usually with a completely harmless cause. Nevertheless, it should be clarified with the doctor, because there are also more dangerous causes, which can mean a danger for MOM and baby.

Bleeding in the first half of pregnancy

In the first weeks and months of pregnancy , many expectant moms are especially nervous, if you notice any bleeding.Bleeding in this phase of pregnancy are mostly harmless. They occur for example immediately after the implantation of the egg as so-called contact bleeding for a gynaecological examination or sexual intercourse. Also menstrual-like bleeding occur sometimes and but have nothing to do with the actual period. This bleeding is often weak and you must not worry here. A quick check at the doctor ensures safety.

There are unfortunately a few dangerous causes of bleeding in this first part of pregnancy. It can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.

Bleeding in the second half of pregnancy

In the second part of the pregnancy, bleeding unfortunately often have a heavier cause. But also here you must not be panicked. Slight bleeding at this stage of pregnancy can also be a harmless symptom of placenta edge bleeding, contact bleeding or after the 35th week of pregnancy a sign for the removal of pfropfes of mucus from the cervix and the upcoming birth.

However, the most common cause of bleeding in later pregnancy is a front wall placenta, i.e. the placenta is nestled close to the cervix and face down the birth canal. This can lead to placental insufficiency during pregnancy – but does not have it. Also a premature detachment of the placenta can lead to bleeding, just like a premature birth. Treated in a timely manner but chances are good that the baby is healthy in the world.

Bleeding in pregnancy: in these cases you should consult a doctor immediately

Rather once too often to go to the doctor: this rule applies without question when bleeding in pregnancy. Is safe – even if it is often only a harmless cause. According to babyinger.com, you should immediately seek your doctor in any case if you have these symptoms:

  • heavy bleeding
  • light bleeding-with heavy, sudden pain
  • recurrent bleeding – especially in the second half of pregnancy