A Version Was Filtered Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC Sensation

HTC, as well as other important manufacturers, already announced in his day which would update its terminals to Ice Cream Sandwich. In order to enjoy the benefits of this new version still have to wait but that already want to tinker, have a HTC Sensation, can do it with a version that has been leaked.

This original HTC Sensation XE version has been carried by a few XDA developers the original Sensation. The ROM is official and although there are still things that do not work well, as changing the background or bad battery performance, let us verify what we expected in a few months.

As already has become the custom in HTC this version also includes its famous layer of software HTC Sense. Personally, and after having tried the Ice Cream Sandwich without additives, the original interface seems more attractive to me, but you know how wear them manufacturers with customizations in Android.

If you are curious to install it later, in the post from XDA you will find more information in this regard. The procedure is the usual when it comes to Flash a ROM so If you already have experience It won’t be you complicated. Check that if the advice given to increase the autonomy of the battery, are especially useful.