A Tennis and Ten Days of Travel

Who accompanied my journey to New York by @mourajo or by Snapchat Instagram noticed something in common during the 9 days that we stayed there. An element that remained steady and strong in all the looks that I used and posted: a pair of white sneakers.

About a year ago I made a post here talking a little bit about my resistance to sets of white sneakers. At the time, I was pretty sick of seeing white sneakers at all how was look. I didn’t have a site of streetstyle you walked in and didn’t give a blessed white sneakers.

A year has passed and I humbly confess that I changed my mind. It all began when he showed up this trip to NEW YORK. Ten days in the Big Apple followed by two weeks working in Brazil. The problem: I couldn’t take too much luggage. The flight from San Francisco to New York is domestic and each bag that you hurry it costs dindin. The goal? Take a suitcase. And what else takes up space inside the trunk? Yes! Shoes!

I needed tennis shoes that matched with everything and were comfortable to walk up and down the streets of NEW YORK. I chose the color palette, separated the clothes, all combinadinho to render as many looks. But I couldn’t find any shoe that fill all the prerequisites.

Behold, a beautiful day, digging for this internet, ran into a pair of Adidas white and a light is lit. The pets match all colors. Perfect for more casual looks, they also add a sporty touch to the most chic looks that make everything look much more advanced.

Before buying, I gave a nice little research to know exactly which model I wanted. And let me tell you … tarefinha used hard. The sets of tennis whites took so much so that today it is possible to find several different models of virtually all brands.

Here are some that I enjoyed:

On the left, model with silver starlet from Asos

On the right, all white model of Asics

On the left, white model of Reebok (loved this too)

On the right, white Adidas

I ended up opting for the latter, the Superstar white Adidas. And there I went travelling. I confess, to set there in the trunk a pair of flats for a very hot day and a pair of pumps in case you have any occasion to ask for a fixed fight bigger. But, look, not needed. The pets even seen the light of day were 10 days in New York-every one of white sneakers.

The looks were changing and there kept them, firm and strong.

Result: I’m convinced that this couple was my best purchase of 2015 so far. And is there anything better than the feeling of having bought something that you will really use too much?

In the end, it was the learning never say never to a trend. Sometimes one has to recognize that she comes to stay and can be very useful.