A Study Area In The Living Room

While not everyone can have a room dedicated to the studio, almost all have a laptop, documents, books and some office supplies to keep. Placing them in a certain area, even small, will be useful to keep everything in order and work in comfort.

In the post today we want to bring some keys that will be useful if you are thinking of creating a study area in the room. Betting on the pieces integrated in the furniture is a wise way to maintain the visual continuity and the sense of order.

The shelves are always a great ally and this time, they could not be less. Cheap, simple and mostly practical.

They have the quality of being very light visually and, with modular systems like the one of the following composition, you can adapt any corner of your house and turn it into your office in a jiffy.

If the size of your living room allows, you can opt for more conventional desks: these two classic desktop options bring style and comfort.

Combined with modern style chairs, as in the photographs, they are the center of attention of the living room.

The backs and columns are perfect to accommodate a study area.

They do not obstruct the passage and are very discreet. We can choose to place shelves, as in the following photographs, or combine them with suspended storage modules, to place the documents and accessories that we do not want them to be seen.

Wall to wall. When there are several people who should use this area, taking advantage of a free wall is the ideal choice.

Create your own corners. A corner of the living room or a well-defined passage area with the help of some furniture, can become your perfect office.

Taking advantage of the photo above, let’s talk about another ideal place: under the window you will take advantage of all that useful natural light if, above all, you spend many hours in front of the computer.

Folding desks are ideal in tight spaces and for punctual use. Once the task is completed, they pick up and do not hinder the step.

And lastly, if space is so scarce that placing a desk seems mission impossible, but we are lucky to have an open kitchen with bar, we have the perfect place to place the laptop and read the mail with the morning coffee.

And you have the office in the living room? Do you like to combine spaces?

Happy week!

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