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Nail Art

With nail art you can create a totally unique look on your nails. Nail art has become extremely popular in recent years. And with good reason-it does look gorgeous. On bridgat.com, you can buy nail art.

Depend Nail Art Kit LAWS
Delicious new gift box with the option to decorate your nails in many different ways. Contains 2x5 ml Nail Polish (No. 223,4041) 2 g 1ark stickers, glitter, nails/skin decoration, 20 x rhinestones

Depend Nail Art Kit Artliner
Gift box with tools, smart decorations and rhinestones. 2 x 5 Artliner (No. 1060.1063) 5 ml Nail Polish (No. 420), mixed embellishments, dotting tool, 1 sheet of stickers

Depend Nail Art Kit Rock
Cool and raw gift box with many variation possibilities. Kit contains: 5 ml Top Coat Matte
5 ml Nail Polish (No. 39)
Nail piercing tool
Nail piercing
Gold and silver decorations
2 g glitter

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
Seche Vite fast drying overlak ™ has won a number of awards and is seen by many as being the world's best overlak *.
The patented formula provides a unique shine and protects both the nail polish and the nails. Applied wet Nail Polish and dry after a few seconds.
* Have received the very prestigious award "Best Beauty Buy ®" 18 times in a row,
won "ELLE Sweden Beauty Awards 2013", and was appointed "Beauty favorite 2013" by the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld "."

Depend Stampling Kit 6690
With punch die are you doing single Nail and Depend fast beautiful nail decorations with ready-made designs on a few minutes.

In this complete set is that everything you need to get started. On stamp the plates you will find a variety of detailed motifs.

Let your imagination have free reign, and low nail decorations out of the ordinary.
Nice, easy and fun!
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