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Ring Size Guide

As when you buy clothing, shoes or jewelry, it is of course important, with sizes so you get bought the size that suits you best.

Unfortunately, the sizes different between countries, and that is why it is important that you get translated your own size to it that comes closest to the - often fits or translated neither clothes, shoes or ring sizes not 100% to the size it is now buying.

In addition to silver jewelry which also plays a significant role, it is a narrow or wide ring you buy-it must also be taken of it when one's ring size must be determined.

When you measure your ring size, you need to be aware of the following.

Heat/cold fingers
It is important that you measure the ring size when you feel your fingers are normal and they are not swollen or very cold. If you measure ring size when you have cold fingers, you run the risk that the ring is too small, and vice versa.

Ring width
The width of the finger gauge and width of the ring you have look at must match. If you measure with a finger ring size gauge there is 3 mm wide and the ring you have look at is 5 mm. wide, thus typically use a half to a whole number greater than if the ring had been 3 mm. Conversely, if the ring is very narrow or rounded inside, one must often go a size down in the ring size.

Are you pregnant?
Pregnancy may cause swollen fingers, and even a small swelling can affect ring size. So wait with either greater investment or make sure to ensure that the ring can be made less later.

What finger the ring to sit on?
Before measuring ring size, it is also important that one is quite sure which finger the ring to sit on. The ring finger, as one often uses, together with the middle finger a little thicker and have more powerful knuckles than the forefinger, thumb and little finger so if you would like to switch between the different fingers, one must be aware of it.

If you would like to have the ring sitting on little finger be sure to measure the very precisely because the finger is very straight and short, and therefore easier to slide by. It is our experience that we often buy their rings for large-remember that they should sit tight, and only just be to take of, to be sure not to lose them.
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