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Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans

The jeans in blue are known for their super good fit.

  • The comfortable high waist means that they sit well on both the stomach and buttocks.
  • Queen jeans has narrow legs and sit relatively close to.
  • The material is a good quality cotton with stretch, so they are comfortable to wear.
  • The front of the pants is there cheat pockets and back two common back pockets. They have fixed waistband and closes with traditional button and zipper.

These jeans are super useful for blouses, T-shirts and under shirts and tunics.

Blue jeans with stretch Fit 40

Classic jeans in dark blue denim with fine stitching in Tan thread. It's jeans that sit close, but since there is stretch in the fabric, they are very comfortable to wear. There are adjustable rubber band in the fixed waistband. And the tradition button and zip closure. There are pockets both front and back-all reinforced with rivets in the metal. The pockets on the back is decorated with stripes in Tan thread. A nice classic.

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