9 CyanogenMod Will Jump to a Stable Version Within Little

Since the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich and CyanogenMod9 We have followed its development closely: its launch, the different versions that have had as well as the problems during development. It’s been hard, compared with previous versions, but as its creators reported the first stable version will be available shortly.

Although CyanogenMod 9 is available nightly build as a few months ago, that is, precarious versions where there are still bugs. The team has announced that from now on it has stopped development for launch, now, a stable ROM a series of Android and smartphones.

This does not mean that the process stops. CyanogenMod will continue the development and accepting the collaborations of all kinds, either to make translations or to bring your ROM to other devices. The nightly builds will not disappear, will continue to generate, but together with the stable versions.

For the time being There isn’t a release date so we will have to settle for the always ambiguous “soon”. On the compatibility list as safe is that a priori to those who already have nightly build officially. The list will grow but we must not lose the view of the non-official publishing some developers in forums HTC Mania and XDA.