8 Types of Panties that Woman Must Have in Closet

If there’s one piece of clothing that every woman, without exception, have in the closet, this piece is the panties. Great for day to day and also for those special occasions, it’s almost impossible to live without them. However, many women may not know is that the types of panties go far beyond that piece of cotton – even you, girl, you’re reading this post has in the bottom tray. Doubt it? So pay attention on this list and check if you have all of them in your collection (if you don’t have, this is a good opportunity to have, right?).

Types of panties: well, Hello there

Among the types of panties, well, Hello there is one of the most sensual and who value the female body, as the wider side give the impression that the butt is bigger. You may not associate the name to the piece, but you just look at the image that soon will roll that identification. They may show varied colors, but basically, they are produced with light material and lace on the sides. Modeling is greater than conventional panties, however, the income detail, offers some transparency – simple element and super sensual.

Bikini Panties

The types of bikini panties, as the Braclassified.com suggests, have a slightly larger modeling, like traditional bikinis. They are very comfortable, are usually produced with fabric pleasant to the skin and are great for day to day as well as the well, Hello there, are also found in many details and colors.


The Thong type underwear is also quite common among women and this is due to the fact that the modeling please many Brazilians. Is a kind of play middle ground, i.e. does not present great modeling, also not that daring thong. The piece is dug enough to enhance the buttocks and sides do not exceed two centimeters.

String Panties

As well as the thong has similar characteristics with the bikini model, the type of panties String is more for the modeling thong. However, we can say that these pieces are a little more ‘ behaved ‘. The boldness of the String is very thin sides which, consequently, make the front and back are much smaller than traditional models. Many women use this model for taste and also why less pieces of clothing more fair.


A favorite among women for occasions more sexy, thong type underwear has other interesting feature: due to good modeling dug and small, they tend to not score when used with tighter clothes. In General, they feature unique details, because, from time to time, can be seen in that intimate moment and appreciate the beauty of woman.

Panties with high waist

Following the retro wave, your panties (or French cut) Grandma won a remodeled and have many women even if they do not give up the comfort that these pieces provide. These types of panties are great, cover all the booty and even the Kos reaches near the navel. For some (mainly for the fans of thong), this model may be a little outdated, but exaggerated or no one can deny the comfort they provide. See more here!

Shaping Panties

The types of panties called ‘shaping’ are much more tight than the models already mentioned here – and, of course, this is intentional. Because the purpose of this piece is to outline the body, leaving it more beautiful, with waist and butt well defined. Moms who just had a baby, women who have gone through some plastic-surgical process and even those women who want to improve posture are big fans of this model.

Boy Short

The types of Boy Short dispute the merits of more comfortable model with the high waist panties, this is because the modeling of this piece looks like those men boxers. Ideal for who holds dear the well-being above all else, the Boy Short is great for all body types, including, are great for sleep.

And then, tell us what types of panties you have in your closet! If something is missing in your collection, just access our virtual shop that is filled with beautiful thing!