8 Tips to Choose the Beauty Salon on Bridal Day!

The wedding is an unforgettable date. A magical day that will always remain in the memory of the bride and groom, family and friends. Everything must be perfect. Every detail deserves to be cared for in order to make the occasion special. Decoration, buffet, souvenirs, music.

All are indispensable to make up the party, but-among these-there is an essential element, which we can claim to be an unquestionable icon: the beauty of the bride. In this context, the day of the bride is obligatory to give life and form to this question.

One of the most anticipated stages before the wedding, this is a time when every woman imagines: special beauty treatments, hair care and skin in order to look beautiful. A true modern fairy tale. Here at granthamguides.org, you can check more tips about beauty and makeup for women.

If you are thinking about how to make this dream a reality, follow this post, in which we will approach the subject in detail. So, come on, what will be the starting point? Well, first, define which line of beauté will follow. At this stage, you have to ask yourself what kind of bride you want to be, after all.

Search beauty references, discover the latest trends, reflect a lot and choose your style. Hence, your most important challenge will be the beauty salon selection, but no hurry or anxiety when choosing vendors. Combined? Make the decisions cautiously, because it is a celebration that will be eternalized in photos and videos. Take it easy. Doing so will be essential in achieving a successful outcome, rest assured.

In order to help you and solve the questions on the subject, we have made this super complete guide. From now on, you will know 8 tips to hit the beauty salon choice and have a sensational bride’s day. The topics on which we will write are related to the following points: references about professionals, beauty salon logistics, make-up and hairstyles, scheduling, service negotiation, products used, and a few tricky ones. Below, all of them in detail. Ready?

1. Ask For Hairdressing Appointments

Having references from the hairdresser you work with is crucial when it comes to bridal day. Therefore, under no circumstances, hire someone without prior knowledge of their performance. In this scenario, establish this reference as a criterion and condition to put the professional on a list of possibilities. And after making a list of names on this list, evaluate their portfolio.

Some of the topics to be observed are already made hairstyles, level of creativity and versatility, for example. During assessments, the first question to ask is whether these jobs have excellence. Then it pays to question whether the styles are up to your expectations. Just keep the hairdressers that match your profile. But before opting for one, talk informally with the select ones at the salons. So, your choice will be based!

2. Search If The Beauty Salon Is Near The Ceremony Site

A very relevant information when determining the salon on bridal day is the location. Imagine: you will go from there directly to the ceremony, so that support point can not be far from the celebration. Do you agree? For, by organizing logistics in this way, it will be possible not only to manage time better, but to give the necessary tranquility to all, avoiding greater worries and inconveniences. Like traffic, which always complicates unexpected situations, does not it? Then, schedule yourself.

3. Proof Of Hairstyle And Make In Advance

As we talked about above, decide your style. Thus, the hairstyle and make will already have a defined line. Make a list of makeup and hairstyles that you identify with. Test all possibilities. Proof is the time to err, to dare, and to observe what will work. Likewise, the proof will help the hall staff adjust over the time estimate of each step on the bridal day, which will occur next.

It is worth remembering that this is a paid service and can cost more expensive than the beauty production of the event itself. This is because various products, colors and textures will be used – in addition to the time of two professionals, the makeup artist and the hairdresser. A warning: Reserve the race as soon as possible. The ideal is to schedule at the beauty salon 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Go during the week when the hall is empty. On Saturdays, it can take time because of the volume of people.

4. Ask The Lounge To Reserve Your Schedule And Date

When it comes to events in this format, being cautious is a rule. Reserve your schedule and date with plenty of time. Early scheduling is very common as it avoids competition for vacancies. This will depend a lot on the beauty salon chosen to make your bridal day, but ideally set as soon as you already know where the ceremony venue and ballroom will be.

Make time a great ally. You can get ahead of yourself. The worst alternative is to arrange the bride’s day at the last hour, next to the day of the ceremony. Do not drive the situation like this in any way. Make your schedule up to 8 months before the party. In this case, time is worth gold!

5. Negotiate The Bride’s Day Package

Like every wedding preparation item, bridal day should have a defined budget in your planning for pre- wedding events . It is interesting, in this process, to make a quotation with several salons.

Compare services, infrastructures and prices. Suppliers whose bids are equivalent to your budget will be chosen. Remember to be very disciplined about the value available and follow your plan. Then go to the halls, explain your demand and try to understand the value of each item in the package. After this clarification, ask about the possibilities of installments, including the discount percentage if the payment is made in cash. Be firm and clear about what you want, you can or can not do.

6. Be Careful About “Special”

Certain establishments offer some “special” services. Very careful. Sometimes malicious salons increase the value of bridal day as a result of those services that – in fact – do not add value at all.

For example, the nail accompanied by a massage or an enamel with extra brightness, which are additional are already practiced by many salons, inclusive, at no cost. Attention redoubled: be the most questioning bride possible. Seek to understand all the services, the purpose of each step, how the processes are performed and the value ratio, apparently out of context. Be alert!

7. Look Carefully At The Values

On the other hand, the beauty salon that proposing values ​​far below the market is also not reliable. Observe with great caution. Bridal-day budgets below standard require care. This is because they can mean a series of unfavorable characteristics, such as: unprepared staff, fragile infrastructure and poor quality products. In this topic, do not let yourself be carried away with an offer, which is apparently so enticing on account of value. Price is a two-way street. It is necessary to evaluate the positives, the negatives and consider the best option.

8. Ask The Hairdresser About The Products To Be Used

Knowing what the products used by the beauty salon on bridal day makes a lot of difference. In this dialog, you can list the products and brands with which you have affinity and also the ones that you will use. The day of the test will help a lot in that sense.

At the time, ask all the possible information: effect on the threads, duration of promised results, material / substance of these cosmetics. Feel free to ask your questions. It’s about your marriage, so every little detail must be incredible.

Finally, we have prepared a complete guide of qualified suppliers on our website especially for you. We believe it will be very useful in your decision making process. We have selected companies that have attended about 150,000 brides throughout the country. And the best: they are checked in Procon and Reclame Here, which give full transparency on the reputation of each listed beauty salon.

On this page, the services offered and the details of the packages / prices are available. There is a wide variety of how such services are presented. Some salons offer only makeup and hairstyle, while others already include aesthetic treatments, with manicures / pedicures for brides and even bridesmaids. For this reason, the prices are also diverse, varying from R $ 100 to R $ 2,900. Access here and know a little more!

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With this post, our intention is to teach you how to manage your ideas and decision making, as well as eliminate the difficulties on that step. Comment, share your impressions and share your doubts about it here. Anything, we’re on hand, right? Let’s continue this chat.