8 Things You Lose As A Smartphone User

We always have our smartphone with it: it is practical and a real all-round genius. After a good night’s sleep, she will navigate to our apartment, calculate the most difficult addition tasks and take care of us while we should actually do other things. But what does this support actually solve for us?

So I have my mobile phone at any time with me. After all, I want to keep in touch with everyone.Granted: Actually, I use my smartphone more frequently than I would like to admit. As a navigation device, to read reviews on the Internet, in order not to have to reckon. Or to make suggestions for the next birthday present. This makes so much easier. And we do not have to think anymore.Moment, stop, stop.

We do not have to think anymore?

That can not be good, can it? Here are eight things you can lose as a smartphone user.

1. Boredom And Patience

Without a smartphone we would be bored quite often. We sit in the waiting room, staring at the ceiling like zombies. Until someone comes, monotonously wishes a “good morning”. And after that, there is dead silence. We are bored. Here comes our mobile phone just right! A game here, a text message and the time passes by in flight. It is only unfavorable that we are unlearning one thing: boring us. Boredom helps us to become creative. When we have nothing to do, the most incredible things happen to us to pass the time. Dust suction, for example. Or we make something for our best friend. Or write the next bestseller. Obendrein we lose the patience all too quickly in waiting times without mobile phone. Our head is on standby because we have nothing to do. And creative brains are seemingly in summer pause.

2. Orientation

Now Imagine The Following Situation: You are on the road in the city, you have written your bus connections. You get on a bus and leave it in the middle of a residential area. You wanted to go to the cinema. And now? The area is familiar, but you have no idea where you are. In Nullkommanichts you put your mobile phone and switch Google Maps. And: Surprise! You’re almost back at home.Could you have known if you had recalled some points of orientation? And that you got into the wrong bus, you might have noticed, too. But that does not work. All too often, we let the headlights go through the city with their heads turned off and at the same time, the STVO was at fault. And instead of thinking independently and watching the bus stop, we beg for help. In this way, we learn to forget one thing: orientation. And independent thinking. More in the next point.

3. Self-employment

Due to constant manual use, we learn the following things: independence and independence.Everything we can chew from our smartphone. Even look at when the baker opened up, instead of moving us two meters outside the door. We become lazy, less engaged. Much is easy to do. And instead of thinking about us independently, we press two keys and get the simplest solutionpresented. You do not know what to give to your mother for Mother’s Day? On the Internet, there are many pages to suggest the best gifts: cups with “Mama is the best”, self-stirring cups, and slippers with Rosenduft. Where have the times in which we have made things ourselves? Photos shot, pictures given away, flowers picked? Our smartphone de-personalized our lives.

4. Real Communication

We communicate with our friends and relatives on a daily basis. We write short news, discuss ellenlange texts and argue with abbreviations, instead of only five minutes to telephone. And if we do not feel like it, we’ll close the chat and ignore the conversation partner. Stupid only, that in the real life so does not work. We can not just slam the door in front of our boss. And in real conversations, we do not have time to answer for a minute. As a result, we unlearn how to really communicate. Not with abbreviations, not with half sentences. And certainly not by flight, when we have no more air. By the way, mobile communication is another problem: the ability to write.

5. Spelling And Handwriting

BiSt mY aBf 4eva, gUrL <3 “- who would like to beat the sender with a duden in such news?Congratulations, there is still hope for you. Another example: “When are you in the club I’m waiting 1800 there and it’s cold outside meld you ok? “It is a fact: when we write on the smartphone, we pay less attention to spelling, less to autocorrections, and less to what arrives at the receiver. However, the whole thing has an advantage: the creativity lost by point 1 can possibly save the reader with his deciphering work. We unlearn through the constant chat usage not only decent German spelling, but also to write things by hand. On the one hand, we suffer from our writing speed and, on the other hand, the legibility of our handwriting.

6. Head Calculations

The problem we had already at school: We were able to use a pocket calculator from the middle school. And certainly three-quarters of what we typed into the part from the moment, we could havesolved with a little reflection. Instead, we think: before we calculate, the better to do the device.The same problem we have in everyday life when we have our smartphone with it. A computer is now installed in every mobile phone. So we add up our three purchases and figure out how much fuel we have consumed on a hundred kilometers if we were able to drop 14 liters after 200 kilometers. Rule of three? Can you eat it?

7. Form Your Own Opinion

You want to eat again, but do not know where. A new restaurant needs to be built. So go go to localrestaurants in your area. An asian with five stars jumps into your eyes and a pizzeria with two. Who would not choose the Asians, if he likes to eat Chinese? We are forcing ourselves to form our own opinions. Instead, we rely on angry reviews of three customers, while a thousand other satisfied people have gone home with happy stomachs. Do not let yourself be influenced by people you do not know. Find out for yourself whether the two-star pizzeria will be your new favorite store. And if you encounter cockroaches on the way to the toilets, you can put your negative comment among the others while you are still in the shop. So that no one makes the mistake you just made.

8. Enjoy Unique Moments

In our spare time, the smartphone is sometimes our favorite occupation. Now and then this may be all right, especially when we are alone. But what is with all the people who have not seen each other for a long time, just to sit and talk with a mobile phone in the café? Or we sit together at a romantic sunset and show each other memes on Facebook. Or the latest cat videos. In doing so, we learn tosimply enjoy such special moments and to relax with our dearest people. Sometimes we just can not do anything. This makes it all the easier to relax and breathe.