7 Tips on How to Choose a Nursing Bra

We’ve listed 7 quick tips on how to choose the nursing bra:

1-maternity Bras

Can be purchased from the 2nd month. The brackets must be closed in the latter to have enough space.

2-breastfeeding Bras

Must be purchased from the 7th month. We recommend choosing a World Cup and a size up to size uses at this time. There is no mathematical formula to calculate in advance the size of the breastfeeding bra. There is a certain consensus that can boost two numbers to start breastfeeding.

3 – the comfort must be priority

The ideal bra should support the breasts and let them firm, especially in the post-partum when the sinus increases up to two numbers. They should not be fair too, because it can interfere with milk flow and induce problems such as breast engorgement. The side should be wider to provide more steadiness and support the breasts.

4-physical activity

The woman who practices physical activity will have a better performance during breastfeeding, especially because she needs to hold the baby with one hand and open the BRA with the other. So, are avoided the back pain, lumbar and dorsal region in caused by the weight of the breasts.

5-the most sought after

The bras are the most sought-after by the mothers of opening with belt loops: both the wounded and those with clicks make it easy at the time of breast-feeding.


Choose three tissues in choosing breastfeeding bra: cotton, Microfiber-it dries faster and have static term action, which cools in the heat and warm in the cold-and bamboo fiber, which, in addition to having a touch lighter than cotton , is an ecological piece. They all must be of cotton on the inside, not to cause allergy in the breasts.

7 – you will need at least three Bras

A to use, one in the laundry room, and one in the drawer. The ideal is to buy a template, test and if you like it buy the others equal.

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