7 Nexus Receives an Oveclock and Surprises in All Benchmarks and 1.64 GHz

The Nexus 7 It has become the gadget that all androidero want to have since it out to the light. 3 Tegra processor is promised to go to an unparalleled processing speed and factory, but is that also remained the community could do the known oveclocking to get out all the possible power Google gadget.

We can rejoice that the overclocking of this tablet has finally arrived to remove power brute who keeps this gadget, and to the surprise of many results may qualify of spectacular and we be short. The test has been done with Trinity kernel It carries the Morfic group, and only need to take a look at the benchmarks to amaze us.

Neither more nor less than 7000 points in Quadrant, pretty good, and also the battery does not seem to suffer much in the question of autonomy. In terms of numbers, stay with the figure of 1.64 GHz, an authentic dark beast at a price that we consider a bargain leaves this as the most preferred Android tablet for all who use it.

In addition, these kernel enhancements are only in power but in battery management, and it is to that extent I dream of this Tablet It can be more than 12 hours and not having spent practically battery. This tablet, recall, coming out in September in Spain at a price of €200, and wouldn’t be very risky to bet on shortages in some Spanish businesses.