7 Keys To Decorating A Slow Home

each day comes into more homes and is not surprising, who doesn’t want a welcoming House, living, warm and homelike? The philosophy #slowlife advocating living life more slowly, enjoying every little moment and savoring the small everyday pleasures.
Therefore, to get a slow home a series of very simple key points apply to favour the vivienda-habitantes relationship, so that it becomes a hogar-moradores relationship.

Here BESTcraftblog will give you a few simple guidelines for decorating a home slow:

Open Spaces

The more open you get distribute spaces better, this will favour relations between different activities and people.

Power To Maximize The Natural Light

Make the most of natural light entering through each window and learn how to control it (with curtains, blinds) according to the time of day and activity that is carried out. For example, my mother has a healthy habit after eating close curtains and blinds lower, she calls him to make atmosphere of siesta.

Decorate With Personal Objects

A slow home shows personality every corner, you should see a House lived and surrounded by stories. To do so, decorate with recycled wood, antique objects or memories of travel is the key so your House out life.

Textile Fluffy

Don’t be afraid to mix different types of textiles, linen for summer and wool for the winter.

Rustic Style

The small touches of rustic style can also help us when it comes to decorating a home slow. Would the rustic reminds us of the countryside, calm and mountain holiday, what is more slow than that?

Live Your House

But here’s the main key of a slow home: you have to live it.Breakfast in bed, it organizes special meals, kitchen and leave that House smells of freshly cooked food, that is based on a slow home, enjoy a slow life living every small moment.

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