6 Commandments for the Ideal Choice of Children’s Earrings

As soon as the baby leaves the maternity ward, it is common for many mothers to take the girls to pierce the ear.But, do you know how to choose the ideal children’s earrings for your daughter?It is important to think of materials that avoid allergy and that are not heavy.The shape and even the clasp type should also be taken into consideration.6 Commandments for the Ideal Choice of Children's Earrings 1

The children’s earrings are a charm and it’s super cool to choose accessories to make your daughter even cuter.But earrings can cause allergy or discomfort and the well-being of children always comes first, does not it?This is not to say that you should give up earrings for children, but it is important to pay close attention to choosing them.Check out the essential tips for choosing the ideal children’s earrings:

Analyze the material of the earrings

When you are shopping for children’s earrings check out the material that is made, this is paramount to avoid allergies or inflammations in the ears of small.Avoid nickel-containing parts as this material may cause hives.

The ideal is to opt for earrings made of gold, at least 14 carats, or silver.These materials will give you peace of mind to place the accessories on your baby without worrying about possible irritations.But for extra safety, make sure the earrings are hypoallergenic.

Prefer earrings without edges

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing the earrings is their shape.Prefer rounded pieces without pointed edges, as is the case with star-shaped earrings.Edges can scratch baby’s face when lying down.

Choose small earrings

The size of accessories is not just a matter of aesthetics when it comes to children’s earrings.Small earrings are the safest choice because they prevent the child from trying to pull them and get hurt.No pieces of hoop or hanging ornaments.6 Commandments for the Ideal Choice of Children's Earrings 2

Do not wear heavy earrings on babies

The baby’s ear is very delicate, so pay close attention to the weight of the earring you put on it.A heavy earring can cause injury and cause the hole to widen over time.Once again it is necessary to analyze the material and give preference to the lighter ones.In case of earrings adorned with stones also check their weight.

Be careful with the type of clasp of the earring

The clasp of the ideal earring for babies is that of thread, because it is firmer and will prevent the child from getting it.Make sure that the back of the earring, where the clasp is placed, is not large and touching the skin.It can be very thin or sharp and hurt the nape of the baby.

Change the earring periodically

Once you’ve chosen the ideal earring for your daughter, remember to change it periodically.The earrings accumulate dirt on the inside, keep an eye and sanitize the ear hole daily.Even after following all these precautions, be aware of how your baby’s skin reacts to the material of the earring.Although not as common, some people are allergic to noble materials, such as gold and silver.6 Commandments for the Ideal Choice of Children's Earrings 3

Now that you have learned the essential cares for choosing children’s earrings you can play and buy several beautiful models for your baby without worry. Share the website of  medicinelearners.com to other mothers to heal the same questions.