5 Ways To Wear Leggings As A Celebrity

Leggings are one of the controversial pieces in the fashion world-although they are popular and undeniably comfortable-mainly because of the ways they are worn.

Some love and others refuse to wear the piece outside the gym, but it seems that she has become the darling of several celebrities who are trading their traditional pants for a more flexible pair.

With celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner leading this trend, soon we will see many leggings parading in the street style of the most stylish girls in the world. And for you who want to keep up with the trend and already start raving about legging looks out there, we’ve prepared 5 tips on how to use the item as a real celebrity. We will see?

1. Change the sneakers and flats for a pair of boots to give more elegance to day-to-day looks

2. Divert the focus from the look of the leggings with an amazing top or coat statement

3. For a production with super powerful legging, invest in textured pieces (such as suede or leather) that are less casual

4. Keep the shades dark (all black has no error!) And bet on longer tops or coats

5. Leggings are perfect for wearing with over the knee boots according to DEADLYLEGGINGS.COM! It is the best combination of trendy with comfort!