5 Ways to Update Your Look Using Cardigan and Sweater

The lighter pieces, such as sweater and cardigan, are great choices for use in those days when the breeze is a little cooler, but that’s not enough to make a very strong cold. The good is that they are light and sweaters that can be used day and night, and carried out easily in the bag.

It turns out that many times we fall in and use a basic look too much, without much style and without many interesting details. And today I bring to you 5 tips for leaving the visual more charming with these two Jokers in our wardrobes:

  • With the collar of the shirt out: One of the more traditional forms is to use the cardigan with a shirt underneath, can be jeans or other material of your choice. And instead of trying to hide the details of the shirt, you will fold the sleeves and put the collar on top of the piece. Is charming and refers to the boyish style.
  • Customizing the piece:I’ve said many times that I’m a fan of customization, huh? How about you take your old cardigan that renew his face by applying pearls in different sizes? You will gain a new piece without spending a lot.
  • Using the cardigan unlike:A charming way to wear your shirt in a very different way. I have done this several times and I always get many compliments. Try button the cardigan your upside down and multiply your options.
  • Marking the waist:Jumping style completely, with a belt over the blouse you let the waist well marcadinha and mounts a super feminine and delicate.
  1. Rollovers:And last but not least, the famous overlapping that enriches the look and leave the visual more interesting. The idea is simple, just use 3 apparent parts and make the combination in a very harmonious.

And then, what do you think of the tips? Already knew some? Leave a comment with any other ideas and let’s ride looks increasingly fashionistas. Kisses