5 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Lingerie

Comfort is watchword on choice of lingerie. And this can be a bit more difficult when women plus size. Is comfort, there is sensuality, right?

That could change. Here are 5 tips for anyone who is overweight buy comfortable lingerie, sexy and feel more confident.

Ideal size

It’s no use buying lingerie for you found beautiful, but when you dress up, you pressed or something was left side. In no time, you will be more a retired piece in drawer.

Bet on income

By having a larger size, high waistband and be wider, these are delicate lingerie with Lacy details.

Balance parts

If you choose a high waist panties, prefer a bra with shape smaller and vice versa. The idea is not look like you’re with a single piece, right?

Cherish what you love most

This old trick serves to all areas. Cherish the highlight of your body and try to camouflage what you dislike. Panties with details behind disguise the butt, for example. Panties with high waistband disguise the flanks and with low waist, the butt. The important thing is to feel good about the play.

Certain modeling

As the premise is, opt for comfort Bras with wide strap and pad, since they are more strengthened. In her underwear, spandex is a great fabric to hold everything in place. Let the sensuality on behalf of details, with lace or silk.