5 Rules For Matching Tie, Shirt And Suit

You can not imagine how important it is to combine a tie with a shirt until you put yourself in position, and is that choosing a combination that works in harmony between a tie, a shirt and a suit, for many of us involves a great challenge. And it’s not so difficult, you just have to follow some fundamental rules to hit 100%.

5 Fundamental Rules To Follow

First, choose the suit. We do not have to start the house on the roof, and I tell you this, because a lot of times, we go through a store and draw a tie, and what do we do? We buy it! Error if we do not know with what we are going to combine it we do not fall into the temptation to buy it. First choose the costume, imagine that it is dark gray, take it out of the closet and put it on the bed, then choose the shirt and put it under the jacket. If you do not like the combination, choose another shirt of another color the shirt and try it with one of another color. For example if you choose a light blue shirt with this suit, the appropriate tie will be a navy blue or garnet red.

Second, always printed shirt, with smooth tie. If for example your suit is stamped with stripes or pictures, do not forget to always use a shirt and a plain tie, a single color.

Third, large print with small print. If you choose, for example, a one-color suit, such as dark blue or black, opt for a thin striped shirt in blue or white that gives the combination an original touch. With this, do not forget to wear a tie in a single color or if you opt for a printed tie, this is for example with stripes wider than those of the shirt. Always follow this small stamping rule with large stamping and vice versa.

Fourth, the importance of harmony and contrast. The combination of colors is found in looking for the harmony of the garments looking for the midpoint. Usually, contrasts create harmony and colors that are balanced calm opposites. If you have a clear skin, the shirts will go better in blue and blue, on the contrary if you have a pinker skin, the greens will do better. For all those who have the darkercomplexion, you can opt for a wider range of colors.

Fifth, control what you spend. If you do not have a lot of budget, buy key colors and leave aside the prints and bright colors, will help you in your day to day basic color suits like black, gray or blue, are a good wardrobe background and very easy To combine with different shades of shirts and ties.

Remember that as a general rule, the best combinations are:

  1. With printed shirts, plain colored ties.
  2. With plain shirts, single-colored or embossed ties .

Basic Ties Combinations

A black tie is ideal with a black suit and a white shirt, yes, do not combine with a black shirt.

A white tie, ivory or broken white, will highlight very little if you wear a white shirt.

A pink tie is perfect with a white or light blue shirt and a gray suit.

A red tie combines with a white, blue and sky blue shirt.

An orange tie looks great with an orange, white or blue shirt.

A blue tie harmonizes with a blue shirt with the same or lighter shades, and also with a white shirt.

A green tie will stand out with white, black or green shirts with lighter shades.

Did you consider these rules when it comes to combining a tie?