5 Best Lights of Night for Kids and Girls

A children’s night light is one of the best products that you can buy to make the night of our children much more pleasant, as well as to help us sleep better and walking more easily in the dark when we go to the nursery to change diapers or simply to see if they sleep well.

5 Best and Most Decorative Lamps for Kids

There are many brands and types of children’s lamps, some more complex than others, or more economical and modern. This variety makes it difficult that we can decide for which purchase, therefore, here leave you 5 of the best options that are available in the market.

Night Light LED Niermann Standby 80036

This night light LED (with star projector), design of the little Prince in blue is an amazing option so that our children have a magical night in addition to illuminate their rooms. Opera with AAA batteries (not supplied) lasting 60 days, has an on/off touch button and projected star Orange, blue or green throughout the room.

It automatically switches off after 45 minutes. It can be placed anywhere in the room and is not limited to being close to a power outlet. It is a product of very good quality suitable for children of all ages.

COOSA Multi-Color Night Light

It has LED light with a built-in music player and remote control. It is a mini ocean waves projector that projects colorful lights in the ceiling or walls creating a romantic, relaxing and charming atmosphere.

It provides a feeling of being on the beach in the afternoon or in the evening, watching the waves of the sea. It has 4 independent sounds and 7 light modes.

You can read a TF card or can be connected to the interface devices 3.5 mm audio as the mobile phone, computer, tablets and MP3. It is easy to use, with a comparatively cheaper price than other similar products.

Well top Multi-Color LED Portable Silicone

Double light modes: warm white light and modes of 7 colors flashing. The light sensitive control. It has a lovely design with the face of a cat made of soft silicone, washable and free of Bisphenol A. Its light is warm and soft and has a Micro USB charging port.

It comes with a built-in lithium battery of 1200mAHy has a working life of 50000 hours. Its low price makes it an incredible option to illuminate the night of our children. It is rechargeable and its brightness is perfect not to disturb the sleep of our children.

Night Light for Children Ube good

Mode of multicolored lights, star of 360 degrees. Ideal to decorate weddings, birthdays and holidays. It is suitable for children of all ages which leave your imagination, seeing your room full of stars. Works in 3 modes: mode A (warm light), mode B (light Color) and mode C: with rotary switch. You can be charged in two ways: with a USB cable or with 4 AAA batteries which are not included. This magical option is economic and made with quality materials of and high quality circuits, ensuring excellent performance. Avantek Elf-L5

There are two lamps that are connected into the socket with sensor grounded, connected to the wall. Its LED light is soft that minimizes glare and discomfort. It has advanced photosensitive sensors is switched on automatically and its energy-saving technology guarantees that I will not radiate light of greater intensity than 30 lux. Do not use batteries and is of low energy consumption with 30% efficiency of lighting improved compared with light bulbs and fluorescent lamps that dissipate the same power.

What Is a Bedside Lamp?

It is one that lights up the room during the night with a dim light that does not affect our sleep, neither of our children at bedtime.

What are the benefits of night lamps?

Night lamps have many practical uses and great benefits. Its advantages include:

  • They collaborate to children who are afraid of the dark sleep calm
  • They help parents see when they go to check your children in the middle of the night.
  • Allows children who get up in the middle of the night to drink water, find your Teddy bear or locate your blanket and clothing is if they are not it.
  • Lights when changing the diaper of baby in the morning.

Good for Children, Ideal for Parents

Having light during night, at the proper intensity, is excellent for children, they sleep safer and definitely calmer, but the benefits of having a lamp in your kids room is really a benefit for you, because you can be aware of the dreams of your children without having to fumble around to walk. Among the most notable benefits are:

  1. It can go back to sleep more easily: when to regulate the sleep of your baby and you turn on the lights, your brain is activated and insomnia occurs immediately.The weak light lamp does not affect sleeping dream, neither parents nor children, so it can resume sleep without major effort.
  2. You can see without problems in the dark: it is likely that if you go to the room of your children in the dark you can step on one of their toys, as for example, a piece of Lego, which may lead to wake up everyone in the House.Therefore, the perfect intensity can avoid this kind of setbacks.
  3. Cheaper than the ceiling lamps leaving lit: many people leave on the lights from the ceiling of the Hall and let the kids door slightly ajar so that it does not affect them the light.A night lamp, saves more energy than the luches from the roof, so they are better option if you want to save money on electricity.

Basic Types of Lighting

The saying that “variety is the spice” so here are the most common types of night lighting that is:

  • Plugs with light: theopinion of many parents is that light plugs are an excellent choice for illuminating the room of children. There are variety of plugs with light for children ranging from their favorite characters up to beautiful animals that glow and brighten up the room of our little ones. There are modern light plugs that come with built-in sensors that turn on when the room darkens, or when motion sensors detect that there is someone walking in the room.
  • Projection light lamp: this type of lamps are favored by many children because they light up your imagination.As its name implies, projected on the ceiling or the walls pictures of stars, planets, superheroes or Disney characters. It could be an option that is more fun than the typical night lamp since it distracts and happy the night of our children.
  • Lamps with Dim lights: are designed lights for babies to sleep with them and are essentially, stuffed animals or animals with internal very dim lights to not affect the dream of children.
  • Portable lamps: are those who mostly work with batteries and can be placed anywhere in the room of your children.Some of these are rechargeable through the use of a USB cable.
  • Lamps with screen: are a more traditional choice, coming with a screen that is usually of fabric or fire-retardant paper.It is important that this type of lamps bulb is appropriate because if you choose a bulb with very intense light, this could impair the child’s dream.
  • Sailing: Some parents opt to illuminate their nursery with candles.It is a recommended little by dangers that entails having a candle turned on in the room of a baby or toddler.

What to Look for When Going to Buy a Night Lamp

With so many options that exist in the market, choose and buy a lamp for night could be a little tricky, so when you go to purchase one, please note the following recommendations:

  • It is important to ensure in where the socket is located.
  • I carefully see where are the plugs in relation to the bed or crib for your child.
  • If the socket is too far or too close to the cradle or bed, then may be the light too Dim or too intense.If this is the case, you should consider purchasing a portable lamp that allows you to position it at a distance more comfortable and advantageous on the bedside table or on any site you wish.
  • Do the night lamps have a timer?

A timer is a very useful feature that can be found in certain lamps since when it is turned on it, the timer is activated during a predetermined period of time before turning off.

Many parents choose the option of having a timer night light, since it means that they don’t have to leave the light on, and therefore saves electricity and therefore money.

  • What is the best color for a lamp for the night?

Although it seems amazing, the color of the light emitted by the lamp can have a positive or negative effect on the dream of their children. For example, the blue light and the white light, contrary to what is believed, harm sleep since they activate the reaction times and are stimulating. More favorable for help sleeping children are red and orange, which are curiously, colors prevailing in the sunset. Studies have shown that red light soothes the children, perhaps because the only light that babies are in the womb, is that color.

  • The brightness of the lamp

The brightness must be subdued to light so that it does not affect the dream of children but must at the same time have the intensity needed to help parents to see in the dark when they come at midnight to see how are your children. Parents can do a test on the brightness of the light, lying down in the place where his son sleeps and seeing if the intensity is mild or not and if it can hurt the small dream.

  • Security measures

Do not use lamps at night near curtains or bedding, as it increases the risk of fire. Remember that lamps may overheat, which can cause it to melt and turn into fire. Children can be burned by a hot bulb, so unplug the lamp during the day and realize that this plug out of reach of your child. Night lamps can represent a risk of electric shock, if your child pours water over them or tries to disconnect or connect one on their own, so please take the necessary precautions.

  • Design options

There are countless options of design of children’s lamps, from which decorate and beautify the room, up to which are designed to save energy and be more effective and safe. Designs aimed at the children’s world are primarily focused on the colors and the combination of textures and shapes. Night lights that change color or have bubbles exist between different designs, but you have to know that they contain methylene chloride, which is poisonous and puts infants at risk according to Businesscarriers.


  • Additional features

There are additional features that must take into account such as thermometers to indicate room temperature, lamps with music to calm the children, bulbs that change color, sensors of movement, among other features. When lamp to choose, consider well what all these functions actually will be used as these are while more complex, less affordable are back pocket.