4 Tricks To Decorate The Dining Room Wisely

Today we return with the section (decorative tips) and we do it with a few tricks for the dining area, the meeting place where family and friends gather around the table to enjoy pleasant moments.

For this reason it is important to devote time to the decor and that is something to detail, careful, with warm lighting and a table with style and versatile. Today I leave with 4 tips that will help you to rightly decorate the main dining area of your House. Takes good note of these tips.

create a composition of mirrors

The mirrors have the capacity for transform any space, help win amplitude and provide light. The most original is to make compositions with them: of various sizes, in column, aligned, etc. Combine them in various styles and sizes. In a dining room, its originality stands out even more, but you must place them higher so that his reflection doesn’t bother us.

bags of fabric for chairs

If you can not afford change chairs, you can choose a fabric that you like and dress the antique chairs to dining room giving a renovated and elegant appearance. This option is cheaper than retapizarlas. Choose them in natural, like linen or cotton, but always with a synthetic component fabrics to make its maintenance easier. If you choose models with buttons or ribbons in the backrest are more easy to place and more decorative. The most advisable is to opt for neutral shades, since they combine with all colors and styles.

choose dressers, cabinets and cupboards with charm

In the dining room furniture to dishes acquired a leading role in the dining room. Keep in mind that there should be 90 cm minimum clearance between the chairs and the parador to be able to move comfortably. To its decorative value, we have to add the useful resulting for Save and exhibit the tableware, therefore goes top to dishes and containers, cutlery drawer area, and the lower table linen. If you want to renew the interior of cupboard with wallpaper, it is a very chic appeal!

adequate lighting

Suspended lamps meet the dual role of illuminate and define the location of the table. The size of this determines their number and measures. Ideally, that table protrudes about 30 cm per side in relation to the lamp. You can find the contrast of forms, for example, choose an oval lamp to soften the lines of a rectangular table. In regards to trends, Crystal is essential to traditional models such as spiders and other more current refined lines.

Have you taken note of all the tips? I hope you serve and you apply them to your homes to get dining rooms functional, versatile and full of style.