3 Ways To Wear: The Leather Jacket

An ode to the wardrobe classic par excellence.How you combine the leather jacket for various occasions, blogger Anna Phoenix tells you.

Leather jackets-they last a lifetime, are one of the classics in the wardrobe, very versatile and they can be combined perfectly in the autumn as well as in the winter (onion look) and in the spring. In the meantime, there are countless models in different styles, so that there is something for every figure. I personally pay attention to leatherjackets, that they are waisted, the sleeves not cut too far and that the jacket is generally somewhat shorter and does not go over the buttocks. This looks fresher and more youthful.

What else do I like and how I prefer to combine my favorite leather jacket?That is exactly what I am telling you today!

3 Tips For Styling The Classic:

Tip 1:
Look for high quality, a good fit and the right proportions.

Tip 2:
Play with materials: Combine, for example, smooth leather with playful silk or ruffle with chiffon. Leather looks from head to toe I would personally rather avoid.Dare to experiment with the styling of the leatherjacket! Leatherjacke and Culotte-why not?Black leather jacket and a white dress-great! Or how about hanging the jacket just casually over the shoulders instead of wearing it?

Tip 3:
Refined details such as scarves and brooches on leather jackets can turn the look of the jacket and outfits in turn and give it a personal touch.

In addition, you should make sure that the jacket also looks good when open. Anyone who has difficulty with the upper arms of leatherjackets and is concerned that they can sit too tight on the sleeves can access models with sleeves of material mix (if the jacket is made of leather and the sleeves are made of jersey inserts). So they are elastic and adapt to the arms perfectly. I am also in a leatherjacke the quality very important. After all, you do not buy a new model every day. It should be modern cut and the leather should feel high-quality.

All these points I have chopped off with the beautiful jacket by Evelin Brandt . It is fitted with a waisted cut, very high-quality processed and made of butter-soft leather. I love them and have often worn them on various occasions. Be comfortable with jogging pants for brunch on Sunday or evenings after the dinner date in the club for dancing. She does everything and keeps me obendrein warm.

So I Style The Trend-Piece

For you I styled my favorite leather jacket (the lamb leather biker jacket by Evelin Brandt) for three different occasions to express the versatility of the classic.

Outfit 1: Sunday Stroll

On a cozy Sunday, a long walk and a little time outdoors is just for me. I style the leather jacket in my first look especially casual to a comfortable jogging pants, a gray basic pullover made of cashmere and white sneakers. With such uncomplicated outfits the Lederjacke works particularly well, as I think.

Outfit 2: From Early To Late

The leather jacket also serves as a companion for the whole day: in the morning for a quick shopping trip through Vienna, lunch for a lunch with a good friend and in the evening for a Kinobesuch. For this I wear the leather jacket to a silk blouse and jeans in the used look and feel from early to late pudelwohl.

Outfit 3: Dinner-Date

Even if it is time for a date-night, my leather jacket is used. I wear clothes especially for this occasion, but I do not want to look overdressed-and that’s where the leather jacket comes into play. Because it helps to keep the look unaffected by making a style break to the chic dress.