3 Tips From One Experienced Camper

You know, what are you doing this summer? Maybe they still doubt, maybe you have already booked. Nader Paarhuis, a loyal customer of Obelink already knows. With almost 10 years of camping experience she’s going this year with her boyfriend to France, to camp there a couple of weeks. As she earlier each summer went with her parents and brothers with the caravan to Austria, she has decided to continue this tradition with her boyfriend.

“I was always with my parents before camp.” Last year when I wanted to plan the holiday with my boyfriend, I had actually not going to camp, I prefer the plane abroad! “, told Nader. Her boyfriend, with too much camping experience, completely disagreed and ultimately to convinced to camp. They bought a tent and booked a campsite. “I found earlier super camping, but then came a time where I had simply not coming more pointed. No one, especially me, thought me to go camping again, but then we have done yet. I was ‘ more on luxury, but now I’m going but rather camp. I enjoy the peace, my own place and above all the freedom. “I found ‘it stunning and would prefer to do nothing.” Why, your camping holiday was such a success, inform us in the following steps:

Tip 1: searching the resulting from a good campsite

According to Nader, a beautiful vacation starts with a good preparation. A good campsite in advance to book plays an important role here: “with the trailer you can go easier on holiday. When you arrive at the camping site of evening, this is no problem. You put up your feet and just goes to sleep. The awning or tent canopy can wait until tomorrow. But go to the tent in the holiday, you have to think on the parking and build and set up the tent.” Nader knows exactly what she needs at a campsite. “Toilets are the most important for me, you can almost say that I have a little OCD regarding hygiene. Also, I think that a campsite should be clean. Preferably, it should have even a swimming pool and a restaurant or a bar for the evening. If I then think that I found a good campsite, looking at reviews and comments on various Web pages, to make sure. If it is true, is booked!”

Tip # 2: test your camping equipment

Nader wants to warn campers from often-occurring faults. You want to be the person not on the camping site suddenly noticed that the construction of the tent doesn’t work out, that something is missing or broken. “Test everything before you go! We have built our tent before check-out 2 times in the garden of my in-laws. We have checked whether everything is complete as we need to set up the tent and everything in good condition is. So, we have noticed z.B that we need to replace a tent pole. Then my in-laws tried the tent on a weekend.” Through these preparations there were no nasty surprises upon arrival and the tent was quickly rebuilt.

Tip Create a checklist 3:

Camping with your friend is something other than with the parents and the brothers. “We had to prepare this time of course all by themselves. I have created a list with all what we need. I asked my mother, even after your old checklist. We could take over lots of things from others, we had to get ourselves to some. Towels to clothespins, one must really think of everything. Fortunately, we have forgotten nothing and had probably more than we actually needed,”Nader laughed.

How to prepare for the holiday? Do you have any good tips? Let us know in the comments.