2XU Compression Socks Benefits

From being something that people associate with compression stockings, compression clothing has in recent years become very popular, and many athletes of various kinds use it daily for training and recovery. More and more exercise riders have their eyes on the compression clothing and its function, so much so that some of the compression garment from 2XU is among the bestsellers in XXL. Tighter than usual workout clothes The immediate difference on a regular workout tights or sweater and a compression garment, is that the compression garment feels tighter on, and it feels that the press more against the body. With the help of graduated compression, in which different parts of the garment have different degrees of compression, increases blood circulation and muscles get faster delivery of oxygen, which provide beneficial effects in training and competition situations . Independent research, conducted in 2010 by the Australian Institute of Sport, shows that 2XU compression garments have very positive effect on the muscles, especially during prolonged activity. The benefits of compression include improved performance, less stiffness in muscles, less swelling in the muscles, lower heart rate during activity and better resilience of training texts.

Benefits of Compression
The graduated compression in 2XUs garments provide increased pressure in the veins, so that the blood faster return to the heart and the lymph nodes. This provides faster and better circulation, so that the muscles warmed up faster. The increased pressure in the veins also reduces the risk of blood clots, fluid collection and swelling in the feet and legs.

The muscles are subjected to impact or vibration when you exercise, and it is a major cause of muscle fatigue. Compression garments reduce the burden by providing extra support to the muscles, and also increase the blood flow and the faster the oxygen supply to the muscles. It reduces muscle fatigue, and thus contribute to increased uthållningsförmåga. Even damage the muscle fibers is reduced by reducing the muscle vibrations and shocks.

Note that you will get the best compression effect of the long-sleeved shirts and long tights, because they cover a larger area of the body. The short-sleeved shirts and short tights, however, an excellent altenativ in warmer weather and inside in the gym.
In order to utilize the compression effect maksimalt it is also important that you choose the right size, so that the garments will be sufficiently tight. See 2XU collection for men this See 2XU collection for women here.