28 Tabs Masks We Tested

Laura Martin to Jezebel beauty

Although we’ve talked much about the Holy Grail makeup: the masks of eyelashes, There is still much more that you can say, at least while we are many that have not given with our.

Once you ask what are your masks of favorite tabs, where we got many interesting answers and possible future masks to test. Do you want to know What are the masks that have tested us, the editors of Jezebel beauty?

  • Eyeko big Eyes: I thought it was a good mask, cheap, which bend and lengthens lashes, although the negative point is that it does not define them and clean the brush to avoid being left with 4 thick pestanones.
  • Mask 3 in 1 of Bottega Verde: Cristina liked quick and easy application that leaves black eyelashes, defined and curved, although if you are looking for volume, it warns us that this mask does not give it in two passes.
  • Dior Diorshow: liked to Carolina volume gives your toothbrush, leaving tabs at a point half between matted and separated and with an acceptable length. However, it left sprinkles after awhile, something unacceptable for the price which has.
  • Diorshow vs Essence Lash craze: both masks elongated eyelashes to Carolina, but the Dior makes it more, but neither approves definition. Dior’s also let you sprinkles, which did not the Essence. Diorshow win because despite everything it leaves good volume, although it should work well.

Cristina F. Martel for Jezebel beauty

  • Dior Diorshow Iconic: a great favorite of Elizabeth, lengthening, curve, defines and makes much more visible eyelashes, with a brush used with ease, coming to all tabs. Do not leave lumps or specks in the eye.
  • Double Extension with Serum re-Activator l ’ L’Oreal: Marisa tried this serum more mask and was very happy with the serum, which seemed to him leaving his eyelashes with more volume. It wasn’t the same with the mask, which seemed very thick and difficult to extend, although with very black pigments.
  • Bourjois Effet Liner: Marisa had difficulties with his brush, too flexible, and which caused him to grumitos. And eyelashes, got little volume and black sprinkles. As positive points, it has that the mask is intensely black and it pays better to apply it with another brush.
  • Extra-Volume Collagene of L’ Oréal: Nuria like this mask, which is enough for a single pass, does not run during the day (if included) and that is easy to remove make-up.
  • Clinique High Impact Vs Estee Lauder’s sumptuous: both left Carolina very well defined, long, with volume and curved eyelashes. High Impact color is more intense, while the Sumptuous definition gives a more natural look. His point against? The price.
  • Hypno Gloss of Essence: This mask of the low-cost segment seemed to Marisa indicated to those looking for a natural look, because it doesn’t have volume or lengthens, giving shine to lashes without giving them too much color.

Marisa R. Abad for Jezebel beauty

  • Hypnose Precious Cells Lancome: Cristina found that this treatment mask gives volume on the second pass and her sister tells us that saw more thick and shiny, with less falls tabs.
  • Great Lash of Maybelline: Isabel proved this classic masks of eyelashes and concluded that it is a mask of the heap, that not lengthens and volumizes. It does not recommend it.
  • Too Faced lash Injection: Carolina tells US that it is thick and need an eyelash comb to separate them and take lumps, although it gives good volume with intense color, reaching effect eyelashes false, with several passes. Fault length and curvature, that if.
  • Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza of Helena Rubinstein: This is one of the best masks tested, which gives volume, lengthen, intensely stained lashes and can give effect eyeliner, with the best effect for Isabel false eyelashes she has obtained.
  • Le 2 de Guerlain: Cristina and Carolina proved this mask with two brushes. Carolina was satisfied, although it calls for a little more volume and curvature. Cristina, on the other hand, managed to lash profiled smooth and glossy black finish (vinyl) with velvety fabric brush.
  • Maximum Definition of Essence: According to Marisa this mask defines and separates eyelashes, well thanks to its polymer brush, but it is not enough black and opaque, resulting in only an effect eyelashes wet. Its main advantage is that it is very cheap.

Carolina L. for Jezebel beauty

  • No Limits of Essence: Marisa this mask seemed easy to work and tweak, without a lump, with more defined tabs, wet-look effect, but no volume.
  • One by One Volum’Express from Maybelline: thought it was Carolina that leaves a good result in definition, while grumitos or cuttings, although more chubby brush makes it a little harder reach the root of the eyelashes and bend them.
  • Volumized blue MAC Opulash the Wonder Woman collection: Laura this object of desire of many and found it was very big, with little effect volumising brush and that color is hardly noticed front, depending on the light.
  • Estee Lauder projectionist: Isabel got length and definition with this mask, thanks to its very dense brush, but the volume was conspicuous by his absence. As another point in favour, told us that the mask feels very light eyelashes, almost as if we do not take anything.
  • Blue mask of eyelashes from Sephora: Carolina saw its really long eyelashes, curved and defined, although the color effect was much more subtle of what she was looking for.

Morthylla for Jezebel beauty

  • Sumptuous Waterproof mask bold volume Lifting of Estée Lauder: This mask with a very intense color resisted the Laura aquagym sessions without leaving a stain. The big problem is that it is hard to remove her makeup.
  • Rimmel the Max Volume Flash: Carolina seemed a cheap mask rather for daily or to work with patience and without haste, because you gave definition, separation, volume and length in three past, although against it did not see curvature in your eyelashes.
  • Kiko UltraTech: This mask low-cost yield Marisa lashes very black, with few grumitos, which endure a few tears without leaving large patches. The large but it is difficult to remove make-up and left him with black eyes the next day.
  • Volum ’ Maybelline Express: Carolina saw that your eyelashes were a lot with good volume, especially after the second pass and highlights that the brush makes it easy to reach the tabs near the tear. Against are the sprinkles that saw few days.
  • Transparent mask for lashes and brows of Yves Rocher: This mask without not only color you gave to Laura effect lashes wet very natural, but it also allows you to tame the rebellious eyebrows.

A surprise has been for me to see that we tried as many masks as you, really. Although it seems that this problem has no solution, go that we have fun in the search, do not you think?