28 Color Palette Smoky Eyes Edition & Gel Eyeliner Rose Gold

Today, I would like to introduce you to a brand which has long been one of the market leaders in cosmetics manufacturing and shipping, but I have never known it before. The talk is of BH Cosmetics, which now also have a German Onlineshop. By the way there are currently 40% discount on many products and the shipping is free from 40 €. I was able to choose two products for testing, which I would like to introduce you to today.

28 Color Palette Smoky Eyes Edition

For a long time, I played with the idea of ​​adding a large eyeshadow palette to me and when I was given the opportunity to choose two products from BH Cosmetics, I immediately realized that a pallet must be there! In the big selection, the decision was not easy for me. There are palettes with 120 colors, 88 colors, 60 colors and 28 colors. In addition to eye shadow pallets, BH Cosmetics also has a lot of pallets with lip colors and blushes, as well as brushes (review for example here) and cosmetic accessories.

The Smoky Eyes pallet costs 18 euros, but currently it is reduced to € 14.40! The pallet is made of plastic, can be opened and closed well and includes a mirror. The enclosed applicators I only used for the swatchen, then I had to then but then also disposed of. It is recommended to use the eyeshadow with a eyeshadow brush. A pancake has a content of 3g and a diameter of 2.5cm and is thus larger than, for example, the pans of the Sleek pallets. I was admittedly surprised at the size of the range, I had expected with much less content.

The color composition of the Smoky Eyes palette I find very successful and varied. It contains not only gray and black tones for the Smoky Eyes look, but also many in the direction of violet and blue. There are both matte, shimmering and glittering eyeshadows, so that, for example, at first glance, many gray shades due to their finishing are all different from each other. I use the palette almost daily, and new color combinations are constantly emerging. It is very versatile and it is not only dramatic Smoky Eyes possible, but also natural everyday looks. My apprehension that the eyeshadows are too similar in such a wide range has not been confirmed, and everyone has a right to exist in the pallet.

With a eyeshadow palette the Swatches can not be missing! I have the eyeshadow rowwise on the back of the hand over the RdL Young eyeshadow base, the photos are under the daylight. For application I have used the enclosed applicators. The color I found good to very good, even the matte colors have been tidy color.

1st & 2nd row:

In the first two rows the predominantly the bright tones are contained. There is a shimmering, glittery white and a shimmering, skin-colored rose for blindness. These two blended shadows are rather weakly pigmented. The glitter of the white eyelid I find quite coarse, which personally I like less. Here I would have preferred a matt eyeshadow to the blind. The other eyeshadows are good to very well pigmented, but partly crumbles in the pail. I especially like the matte reddish and the dark, matte plum. What great, rich colors! But also the slightly shimmering Rosenholzton right next to the Rotton I find very successful.

3rd & 4th & 5th row:

The next three rows are dominated by the violet and blue tones, but also a shimmering green and petrol are included. When applying, the bright purple from the third row to the right as a violet with golden glitter, very pretty! The violet (3rd row on the right outside) surprised with the Swatchen just like the night blue (5th row, second from the left), since both turned out as black eyeshadows with violet or blue shimmer. Also the matt colors convince with their good color output and especially the petrol on the bottom I like it well.

  1. & 7. Series:

The last two rows contain the “smoky” colors gray and black as well as a great brown taupe lower right. The black with gold-green glitter on the upper left looks great, but crumbles but quite strongly when applying. Beside a matte black there is also one with silver glitter. Gray is equally present in the matte and shimmering version as well as bright, matte gray for veneering.

I have some of my AMUs for the last time for you in photos. The texture of the eyeshadow is relatively dry and in order to achieve an optimal result, I definitely recommend the use of a eyeshadow base. With a base is the color delivery of the eyeshadows as said good to very good and they can be easily applied and veneer. The very dark colors tend to crumble, but the fallout I could remove with a brush. I always use my MAC Paint Pot Nubile or the RdL Young Eyeshadow Base as a primer and the eyeshadows keep it all day without slipping into the crease.

Gel Eyeliner Rose Gold

BH Cosmetics also offers a wide range of gel eyeliner, blue, green, red, violet, black, gold … I would say there is something for every color preference! They have a content of 3g and cost normally 7.95 €, but currently they are reduced to 5.33 €! According to the description, they are also suitable as cream eyeshadows.

I chose the beautiful color “Rose Gold”. The Gel Eyeliner is very creamy, which has given me the assignment as an eyeliner added something hard. I have only managed to cover the eye with a lot of layers, which can of course also be due to the bright color. Since I had planned anyway, the eyeliner as a base among other eyeshadows to use, as I do with my MAC Paint Pot, does not bother me fortunately. For this he is an excellent choice. Its creamy consistency allows it to be easily distributed with the finger on the eyelid. Rose Gold I can recommend you as a Cremelidschatten, as Gel Eyeliner for a covering eyeliner, however, less. For the eye make-up on the lower right I combined Rosegold with the taupe from the 7th row of the Smoky Eyes palette. On an extra eyeshadow base I had renounced, but still held all day without in the eyelid fold.


With the palette I am very satisfied, as most colors are very well pigmented and easy to process.Only the darkest ones tend to crumble. The color composition of the pallet is varied and every eyeshadow has its own right to exist. The durability is great in combination with my standard eyeshadowbases (MAC Paint Pot Nubile and RdL Younge Eyeshadow Base) and the eyeshadows keep the whole day without slipping. For 18 € or currently only 14,40 € you get for little money a varied palette for many different looks. If you are looking for a good and cheap eyeshadow palette or would like to have a large collection of eyeshadow colors in one fell swoop, look at the Smoky Eyes Palette. I think such a palette would certainly make a good gift under the Christmas tree.The 40% discount in the shop is expected until the end of the year!

I like to use the Gel Eyeliner “Rose Gold” as Cremelidschatten or as a colored base under a Powderlidschatten. Because of the bright color and creamy consistency I get unfortunately not a covering eyelid pulled. Since I had planned anyway to use Rose Gold as Cremelidschatten, I am not bothered. You can find more reviews on the gel eyeliner here  or here.