Urban Messages, Vivid Colors That We Proposed Essence for Autumn

A couple of weeks ago I showed Natventurista, one of the proposals of Essence for fall, in neutral and autumnal colors. Although I liked Natventurista, I missed to see the touch of colour, which comes from the hand of the sister collection Urban Messages.

Urban Messages does not resemble anything to what they have been seeing the last few weeks in the proposals for the fall. Instead of rich, dark colors, we offered Yellow, grey, Glauco (verdeazulado light), Blue y Orange.

Urban Messages is a trend edition, limited edition, that It will be released between September and October, in the same way as Natventurista, although in Spain the Essence collections are arriving later, is a bit difficult to venture when we can actually see it.

Let’s start by the labial (in the Gallery at the end of the post), which come in three different tones: a Coral intense, a Rosa present and a color that does not convince me nothing: grey.

At first sight I was very intrigued with the shadows in chalk, on these lines, because the chalk is very dusty, something that I don’t want to pass my shadows. So I looked for swatches (which you can see here) and I feel are rather shadow bar (cream).

The major colors of the collection are also in the Nail Polish. In general, when I see nail polish on the web and not live, I tend to look for photos of swatches to see how they are “really”. In this case in the swatches the colours are a little less intense, less “neon” in the case of yellow, than in the image.

In addition there are other things, which I’ve left in the Gallery, as three liquid makers pencils, in grey, dark blue and verdeazulado, a few illuminating powder spray for the face and body and a Cologne.

In general terms, Urban Messages I liked, but more by the possible looks that would come in combination with Natventurista. Neither of the two collections alone is 100% perfect, but together could lead to very powerful, both for daily and special occasion make-up.

What did you think of this collection? Do you like the colors? And if I can make you a more personal question, do you think the grey? You use it in your makeup?

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