Haunting, The Collection of Enamels of China Glaze for Halloween

My favorite part of the ritual of makeup is to paint my nails. I like to read the new collections of Nail Polish, but I refuse to buy because in general I like everything I see and do not know if he would be able to not buy the whole shop.

Halloween collection of China Glaze, call Haunting, It is within these collections that tempt me much. Intense and dark, colors I like – in container – although in my hands eels seem to not work very well.

Haunting is made by 6 Nail Polish, four of them color and two top-coats with effects. Nail enamels are gray with glitter, an intense purple (creamy finish), a black with glitter and a green Moss with Rhombus-shaped glitter and hexagons (here you can see the swatches).

As for the top-coats, both already launched in the past, one of them is a broken in black finish, While the other (Ghoulish Glow) is an interesting top coat that shines in the darkness and also a little rinsing glazes that applies.

Although the collection still does not appear on the official website, I’ve seen these glazes on sale at online sites. Every day seems more messy and unbearable which have to hunt our cosmetic rather than buy them, the truth.

Do you like Haunting glazes?

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