GlossyBox, Another System of Signs in House for Spain

Today I give you good news, girls. Because we have known of GlossyBox, a new company of samples at home, as Glamourum and Birchbox, which is close to launch in Spain.

The big difference of GlossyBox is that it is available in several countries, not just European. In March it launched in Germany, where they also have a male box, and at the moment is present in Brazil, United Kingdom, France and South Korea. Now has touched it to Spain, where it is now possible to subscribe to receive the boxes, which according to the website will be sent the first days of October, since the first, by the end of September, are already sold out.

At this stage, all know how to work these things, right? These boxes work something like a subscription to a magazine: by 10 euros per month receive a box at home (instead of magazine) with 5 miniatures cosmetics.

That Yes, there is one thing that caught my attention: shipping costs are free until 2012. I understand that next year shipping will be charged and to me that discourages me completely. It is silly, I know, but by shipping costs I avoid buying in some websites and I prefer by far when they are included in the final price.

I have to tell you that so far We do not know which brands ofrcera GlossyBox in Spain (when you see the list of brands I will update the post). They have asked directly, since the information is not the same on their various Web sites and they have replied to us that we cannot say since it is a surprise.

Disappointing? Of course, because the listings of brands on their other Web sites show very interesting things, as Illamasqua in United Kingdom, Nars and Christian Dior in France, Laura Mercier and Kiehl and Inlight ’ s in Germany, MUFE and Dr. Brandt in Korea of the South or Artdeco and Eyeko in Brazil.

I do not understand when brands do not give information. In the case of these boxes, are products which have to be surprise, not the brands that are the hook that draws us to buy. However, GlossyBox is just beginning and only time will tell what can be expected, especially when we have not even seen the first box.

Really glad to see more of these signs in house systems. Now just need to get to more countries in Latin America, for example. What do you think?

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