We Tested a Nail Polish L.A.Girl Mate

A long time ago that I wanted to try the Matte Nail Polish, but it seemed more practical to buy a top-coat “matifying” than a matte glaze. While they do not usually run me, never cease to attract me makeup products Matt.

But when I found a few discounted enamels, brand low-cost L.A. Girl, I did not think it twice. L.A. Girl glazes are 3-Free and come in 14 ml bottles (as one of OPI, which are 15 ml). The tone that I have, in the main photo, is called Matte Indigo blue.

The color of the enamel is beautiful, but It is another failure of my experience with Matt products. Enamel has two major problems: it is not very covering and is the most implacable enamel that I’ve ever had.

When we use dark colors it is important that glaze is thick enough to cover the nail and cover all the dashes that sometimes leave the brushes. This glaze is so fluid that the nail below still looks with two layers, as you can see in the picture below.

Three-layer Gets a decent coverage, as in the main photo, but not optimal, because the shade it is still possible to distinguish the white part of the end of the nail. Is not so obvious to the rest of the people in our around is account, but you will notice it if.

In spite of that, the main difficulty that I ran into was that enamel highlights all the defects in the. So her name is relentless: nothing is unforgiving. The slightest irregularity, as some relief that I have or the slightest error in applying the enamel, they notice much.

All these things combine to empower each other to give a decent result, nothing more. So I tried to apply a top coat normal, with the finish of a lifetime, to see if the result was equivalent to an ordinary Nail Polish.

And the result is worse, because Although enamel is bright, the surface is a little rough or porous, unpleasantly touching surfaces like glass. If you wash dishes, it can be a horrible experience.

With regard to the duration, lasted me since three days, so it is not the best I’ve tried, but not enter the really bad.

As is the at the same time the first matte enamel and the first nail polish brand that I have, I don’t know if the results are due to that it is Matt or if with another mate of another brand will me better. It is a pity, because the color seemed to me beautiful, and if you don’t have perfect nails – like me – or you feel somewhat insecure about them, enamel does not help anything.

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