It’s Spring and The Street-Stylers Know How to Take Full Advantage of Style More Urban

Since then the the street-styler have put the batteries with spring and there is no who stop them feet. They are ready to wake her up jeans, skinny, t-shirts of sisa, injections of colour and with those who break the rules and go completely casual looks comfortable and informal on all sides.

And as we know you do enough case that the street-stylers are put and are left to, we have selected some of our favorite urban artists looks so you cojáis a few ideas and imitate them as far as possible All to dust off the spring!

The sisa t-shirts they are one of the must of the informal and relaxed look. Combined with tight trousers, style plain or patterned, purchased or manufactured… the options are just as large as the number of fans and critics who have. Whatever it is, we will not tire of seeing this spring.

That Yes, not to confuse the terms as skinny pants, and more of those injections in pastel colors as the Yellow egg, the Apple green or sky blue, they can be combined perfectly with sweaters and shirts without having to resort to the t-shirts of sisa The key? as always a suitable complement. From Jezebel man we recommend the brosalinos.

Another key that we must not lose sight in this type of looks, It is when combining simplicity. A garment for each part body will suffice: t-shirt or shirt at the top and a Cowboy (style skinny jeans or carrot for those who have leg right to show) at the bottom. Comfortable footwear, suitable complement and ¡Listo!

Trends that inspire us? military style tends to be rather appealed, either by their prints camouflage, by their accessories such as boots or the metal sheets or just the cut and color of your clothes.

The rockabilly style that includes leather is another of my favorites. A proper jacket in black leather with metallic appliques with a basic season as a t-shirt and skinny jeans, jeans or Chinese of appropriate colors and the look can be ours without investing much time or money.

Of course, there are always exceptions to highlight that combined with some risk and is just coming out victorious as in the case of this Pearl sharp gray jacket with lapels and double-breasted black closure (COS, who would say it…) combined with white t-shirt and black jeans. A simple, harmonious look… perfect.

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