Impossible to Get Bored with The New Lookbook for Pepe Jeans Petite Selection of Trends!

Variety is one of the many adjectives that could define the new collection of Pepe Jeans London for this season Spring/summer 2012 and that has presented in the form of ad grouped by trends and attitudes that undoubtedly will delight more than one of our readers.

Looks much Denim looks with lots of color, looks with many trends and above all, very easy to put looks and affordable, easy to combine with the other garments and give even greater versatility to create our taste. Without a doubt, a success.

The Denim It certainly is his strong point, but they present it in a thousand different ways: jackets, shirts, Denim wash, faded, gradient and broken style worker. The Netherlands returned in pants is the only thing that we see that he is repeated in all the looks.

The preppy style also modernizing and acquires an own flavor: polos, shirts and cardigans, which is harnessed with borsalinos and neckties but they prefer to ignore the nautical and bet on the flip flops and sandals for informality a little the outfit.

The prints are allied with urban style in the form of t-shirts with strong chromatic injections, organic printed hoodies and large, baggy cuts not only in jackets but also in trousers that, following the sport style, prefer to sign up to the Lycra and cotton.

Key garments? The Saharan, with its pockets (4 to be more specific) distribution throughout the body and which also includes a wide variety of colors to be able to fit the variety of pants that offer.

90s grunge style, with a touch of “rebel without cause” also appears within your pages in the form of t-shirts in armholes, necks boat, lycra and silk with transparencies in blue, grey and black and of course pants worn or broken, combined with sneakers and Converse.

The targets for the preppy style they are a must of the season within your lookbook. Pants of linen or Denim, or their famous Chinese, combined with shirts, jackets and blazer are differences of the set thanks to the use of leather belts or ties and bow ties.

And if you prefer a more casual preppy, can do it with vichy or tartan checked shirts and jeans, that will add the perfect complements to put the finishing touch to this trends: bow ties and black pasta sunglasses.

And finally, the worker style supported by the use of the straps buckle or clip, colors off as greys, blacks, whites and beiges that opt for the simplicity in their looks and Denim pants.

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