Microsoft Is Also Working On Its Own Smartwatch

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is working on its own smartwatch like other large manufacturers. Of course, the title of the article is more of a joke, at least the second part of it, but the implementation of Windows on a clock is very interesting. Microsoft is currently struggling to implement their own ideas so they can be fun to the user when they need to use them.

Windows 8 is, in my opinion, a good example of the fact that the balancing act between Desktop PC and touch device is not really so successful. Also Windows Phone had a long time smaller problems, whereby it was not so fast to success, as perhaps was previously expected and hoped. Microsoft is therefore partly in a small crisis from the market to be accepted, at least that is my feeling.

This makes it all the more difficult to manufacture their own products for end customers, which also only moderately succeeded with the surface. But perhaps it will be better with a smartwatch, so at least one seems to hope in Redmond. The WSJ’s non-mentioned sources mean that Microsoft already has some deals with suppliers and is still in talks to get all parts for a smart watch.

It would probably be one of the rare possibilities of Microsoft not to completely spoil an emerging trend. It will be exciting to see who is doing the best ideas. As a rule, the users of Smartwatch are asked to extend the smartphone and not replace it.

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