Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men

Shirts printed with male flowers: spring will until 21 December here in Brazil. And coincidentally (or not) the shirts printed with flowers are already on the streets. Yes, flowery shirts fashion for men is in the streets, and not just the big cities. The tendency of shirts stamped with flowers was already scheduled for 2016. See this article I wrote about the subject. Continue reading “Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men”

H & M and Lanvin: the Shoes Are

Soon it is again so far and fashion victims can move back to the trench fighting in the next H & M branch.;-) According to designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo, this time showed Alber Elbaz for Lanvin responsible for design supplies at H & M. Continue reading “H & M and Lanvin: the Shoes Are”

Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers

Learn with Producer Sets What Kind of Underwear and Pajamas Best Suited

The man who thinks he can put that shirt ripped and the short old bedtime still lives in the caves. As well as women, who generally have a real outfit, the boys also need to cull pajamas and underwear charming and comfortable. After leaving the streets and hear what the big guys are using in home, fashion producer Jose Camarano taught how to choose the correct underwear. Note the tips: Continue reading “Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers”

Fishing the Shad

Fishing for Shad is the most attractive from the banks. To catch Tarpon of mas of 20 lbs of weight you don’t need to enter any boat, should you only know exactly areas they roam more, and at the same time know what fishing technique is the most effective for their capture. In this brief article, we’ll just talk about the easiest way to capture them from the banks in my experience with this beautiful species, if you’ve never caught a Tarpon can tell you that without pure adrenaline when you click some good size. Continue reading “Fishing the Shad”

Types Of Children’s Pajamas For All Seasons

The clothing that every child likes and the parents make sure they have and always use. So is the children’s pajamas. Comfortable, fun, full of colors and pets, they make your children’s bedtime more enjoyable on hot or cold days. Rakuten Shopping now presents some pajama tips for boys and girls to wear any season and sleep happily. Continue reading “Types Of Children’s Pajamas For All Seasons”

LG Brings Smartphone With Flexible Display In The Fourth Quarter

For months or even years has been talked about the flexible displays, which Samsung is currently developing. To date, no device has appeared and the neighbors from South Korea LG could possibly be taken to Samsung now. They have now talked openly about their plans for the fourth quarter. And so it should already be at the end of the year so far that LG a flexible smartphone or at least a smartphone with a flexible display to the start. Continue reading “LG Brings Smartphone With Flexible Display In The Fourth Quarter”

Morena Rosa Collection Summer

Fashion and beauty-Not1

Morena Rosa collection Summer 2014-News, trends, tips and Pictures

Today the Not1 Blog will talk about the latest collection of Morena Rosa Released, the 2014 Summer, check out news for the station, what are the trends and models and pictures to inspire you. See: Continue reading “Morena Rosa Collection Summer”

Lingerie Appearing: What Everyone Sees Also Rocks

What everyone sees also makes success on the streets. The sets of lingerie showing strong for a long time, since emerged on the catwalks at fashion shows of Prada, Alberta Ferreti, Dries Von Noten and j. w. Anderson in 2014 to win the head of many women bolder. The tops and bras started the trend and today it is possible to view the strappy bras, corsets and slip dress over a variety of clothing styles. Continue reading “Lingerie Appearing: What Everyone Sees Also Rocks”