The Work Boots-More Than Just A Working Shoe

Already knew? From 15,000 to 13,000 BC For instance, boot-like protective clothing for legs and feet was a compulsory part of the best solution for hazardous or hard work, if not the only one. At least on the wall paintings in the Altamira Cave, Spain, one can still look quite authentically the pioneers of protective boots on the legs of hunters. Also, quite soon, they drew above all the soldiers from more and more to the recreation entrance, for hikers, climbers and even hunters from the year.

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One Jeans+Two T-Shirts=Two Looks-A Simple Equation

Another outfit that I got together with Yancor. In my opinion, fits perfectly to the weather, which can not really decide whether the sun should shine or not. I can wear shirts for a long time until I get too cold, with pants or shorts this is not the case. Therefore, I decided today for a pair of jeans with two different T-Shirts, which naturally also give two different looks.

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Veto to Plastic Bottles

The Selfridges, one of the largest and most elegant department stores of London, has just announced that it will no longer sell plastic bottles of water or in their gondolas and not in its restaurants. Are disposable units to 400,000 will be sold each year. The company went on to suggest that their clients get bottles to fill a drinking fountain installed in the shop. This is an educational initiative in partnership with British Ngos, which aims to draw attention to the problems of waste generation and pollution of the oceans.

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New Nexus and a New Chromecast Await Us in The Presentation of Google’s 29 of September

It’s official, in less than two weeks we will finally know all the details of the new Nexus of a new Chromecast and details of 6.0 Android Marshmallow. Google has confirmed that on Tuesday September 29 It will be your next event, which will take place in San Francisco from the 6 p.m. in Spain. Continue reading “New Nexus and a New Chromecast Await Us in The Presentation of Google’s 29 of September”

Vodafone Launches Mobile Payments in Spain with Wallet and SmartPass

Vodafone Wallet It is the first purse service operator backed by an entity such as Visa in Europe which allows to save and use all their cards in the mobile. In principle can only be it pay by mobile, but throughout 2014 may also add discount coupons, or other types of cards such as those that give access to the library, the gym or on the bus, and instead of having to carry manure transport and lots of cards, can be everything in the mobile. Continue reading “Vodafone Launches Mobile Payments in Spain with Wallet and SmartPass”

Men ‘S Fashion Trends For The Winter Of 2015

Quite honestly, we do not need to make any pretense, the winter of 2015 can not be stopped. This is slowly but surely coming to us, but do not worry, this is at least a good reason to deal with the masculine trends for the winter of 2015.

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Down Jackets For Men-What To Look For When Buying?

As we have now all experienced on our own body, the winter slowly but certainly enters. Warm boots, thick sweaters, and so on… you have certainly also rausgekramt from the wardrobe. But how about a sensible jacket, do you have something suitable for hanging around the wardrobe? If not, I would like to bring you in this review the down jacket for men a little closer and show what one must pay attention when buying one such.

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