Timeless Or Trendy: These 12 Accessories Give the Casual Look PEP

Bring even your spring wardrobe into shape? You know: when the first warm rays of sunshine break through the cloud grey, I have an urge to expose my wardrobe of an inventory : what casual basics can I wear this season yet? And what contemporary I could add fashion trends around my outfits new PEP to give? Continue reading “Timeless Or Trendy: These 12 Accessories Give the Casual Look PEP”

IceColdSandwich, Ice Cream Sandwich Stable for HTC Desire HD

Week last HTC announced the release of updates to Ice Cream Sandwich. Among the winners was the Desire HD, It will not be the first to receive it, first going family Sensation, but sooner or more you will receive the latest version of Google’s operating system. If on the other hand you don’t want to wait, or are like a server who loves to tinker with Android, today we bring you good news.

Under the name of Ice Cold Sandwich We find a ROM of Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Desire HD based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Like all projects, began in an embryonic stage with more faults than virtues, but today, with its last update to version 2.0, it is fully functional and operational for the day to day. Continue reading “IceColdSandwich, Ice Cream Sandwich Stable for HTC Desire HD”

Organizer For Your Room: Makeup Organizer

Using a wooden board old we can create this beautiful Organizer for your desk or room with small details and notes, it will be you cool and trendy because things made hand are the perfect way to decorate and exceed more than to its economic value. Continue reading “Organizer For Your Room: Makeup Organizer”

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

Living in a small apartment can be a challenge – where I put all my things? But it can also have positive aspects, such as the ability to live in large cities where costs of hiring or purchasing are high. And then a small house requires less time to devote to the order and cleaning! But it must be warm and welcoming, not cluttered.

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Xiaomi Smart Home: Test of the LED Yeelight Bulb

Always in Xiaomi family it is the turn of Smart Bulb Yeelight E27, a bulb Led Dimmable white connected to your smartphone or Tablet and compatible with the suite Mi Home that you discovered during our test Smart Home Security.

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CyanogenMod Needs Your Help. Update: Limit Exceeded.

Update: Just leave a notice communicating the expected donations limit has been exceeded and that they will ask the necessary equipment next week. Good news for the community, which values the good and selfless work providing CyanogenMod.

It’s been three months since the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich was released. And that since then, many of us have been waiting for CyanogenMod9 to our terminals. As well, the team of CyanogenMod He has spoken out today, claiming that they have a big problem with financing. Continue reading “CyanogenMod Needs Your Help. Update: Limit Exceeded.”

Women’s Clothing Transparent

There is no rule that determines the transparency a fashion to be used only at night, or with some sort of specific combination. Bridesmaids, fatties, high and low can use pieces of women’s clothing transparent both day and night. The trick is to just know how to combine to tell her to stay cool, and not something worthy of regrets when viewing the pictures.

The big secret to wear women’s clothing transparent is to have common sense. Glued with extra pounds?

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Dresses for a Summer Wedding

If you’re invited to a wedding or marriage in this summer, will have to dress in pastel tones. Are without a doubt a safe and very elegant setting at the time of opting for a dress for that important wedding you have to go. Simplicity and naturalness that make them excellent tones for any wedding performed in the summer. Fashion catwalks were covered in these colors for this season. The look they create is flattering and very romantic, mainly if you are slightly tanned, and if not, don’t worry that makeup can do to make it look with good color or look more brunette. Any of these dresses that I bring you here in this article is an elegant and at the same time stylish option. Likewise, if an advantage exists to wear this color in a wedding, it is that you can play and risk with accessories and makeup to achieve a total look spectacular. Continue reading “Dresses for a Summer Wedding”

The New Plus Size Fashion Collection By Mable

The young fresh plus size fashion label mable by Katja Hamada surprised again and again with unusual ideas, cuts and material combos. Currently, her new collection, AVIA has baptized them, and that you not long have to wait. Officially, the large size is fashion April to buy online.

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New Technology in LED Lighting

Looking for the economy to bail out its accounts, the Japanese giant Toshiba Electronics stops production of white LEDs. A decision that is part of a major restructuring of its loss-making activities.

It’s over the ambitions of Toshiba in white LEDs. The Japanese electronics giant has decided to stop its production in this area. The decision will be effective at the end of the year.

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