Conichi: No Waiting at the Hotel Check-in

Late or early beer or wine? Doormen and bartenders know the preferences of the regulars in their hotels. Who checks in with the app Conichi, should be treated now so obliging, as if a personal Butler welcomes him. The name of the start-ups is the Japanese word for Hello (Konnichiwa) ajar. The app automatically handles not only the check-in, she meets also special requests such as a late check-out and extra pillows.

33 cool startups from Germany

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WIKO Tried U Feel and U Feel Lite: Come on the Finger

News from France: WIKO presented at the Mobile World Congress (February 22-25) with its U feel and technically slightly trimmed-down U feel Lite a new smartphone series. A quad-core processor with 1.3 ghz drives the faster U feel. Whether Qualcomm hardware or mediatek-power to the manufacturer the French mention officially yet. They don’t have to but! The processor brings certainly no trophies in the speed competition, but tackle the normal applications without any problems. Assume 3 gigabyte memory at the the multitasking tasks. Continue reading “WIKO Tried U Feel and U Feel Lite: Come on the Finger”

Microsoft Lumia 650 in the Test: Windows 10 for the First Time in the Metal Frame

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Lumia 650 boasts a stylish design and good value for money. Precisely, a metal frame provides a one dough equipment what 950 XL is missing the top models Lumia 950 and Lumia. However, which is very vulnerable to scratches. Windows fans should but pleased with the performance be especially as mobile version also with slower hardware liquid runs. In the test, quite convinced the high pace of work. Who wants to use the Lumia 650 for his professional life, get a cheap, relatively safe Smartphone with high quality processing for the mobile office. But the Android competition is strong: Huawei’s P8 Lite or honor 5 X offer better technology, similar to much metal and cost just as much or less. Best price on the Internet: 117,88 euro * per order this product at Amazon sharp & bright HD LCD high pace of work fine metal frame storage extensible and replaceable battery LTE-capable with all Windows 10 frequencies from work contra camera with weaknesses in bad lighting conditions (noise) very long photo storage time (3.07 seconds) some slower browsers metal frame scratched easily mark of the editorial 2.78 satisfying user rating now to review Microsoft’s first Windows-10 smartphones Lumia 950 XL , Lumia 950 and Lumia 550 so far came in the filthy plastic design. Improvement now all people brings a cheap Smartphone in one dough er segment: the Lumia 650. The Our site-laboratory test now clarifies what is the chic packaging given the favorable technology at all. Continue reading “Microsoft Lumia 650 in the Test: Windows 10 for the First Time in the Metal Frame”

Practical Test: How Well Windows 10 Running On Mobile Cell Phone?

The development of Windows 10 mobile proceeds in small steps. Now, Microsoft has made available the new version of 10586.107. It contains minor optimizations. So, the brightness in the settings of some Lumia models can now finally infinitely. The most important innovation, however, concerns the possibility in the Windows Insider app almost beside the usual beta stages and slow variant Insider consumer preview choose the to. We who only need without to play waiting on the official Windows 10-updates again adjourned since December 10 latest Windows mobile version on his Smartphone, receives just before deployment release preview the latest version of the often quite sophisticated about the Insider as official update. Selecting fast or slow is, however, Microsoft distribute in future the first beta versions of Windows 10 mobile Redstone, which are likely to be far more unstable than the previous normal versions of the Insider. The test here relates to the normal Windows-10-mobile version, as they delivered Microsoft about including the Lumia 950. Continues to be open, when finally launches the official for older models of Lumia. Pre-release version of Redstone should exclusively available soon for Lumia 950 950 as a beta version (Insider-version) XL/Lumia.

Video on the subject

Lumia-Smartphone-Fanes had to wait long, but now Windows 10 mobile there and COMPUTER picture reveals what it’s got. 10 Windows Mobile: first impression of the new system Continue reading “Practical Test: How Well Windows 10 Running On Mobile Cell Phone?”

Galaxy S7, LG G5 and Sony X: the Smartphone-Blockbuster in the Triathlon

The competition comes to 1st place in the Smartphone’s best in the next round. On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (until February 25, 2016), Samsung, Sony and LG have unveiled their new top smartphones. Two are (more or less) consistent sequels of their predecessors, one surprises with an innovative idea. Our site has taken the Galaxy S7, lgs G5 as well as Sony’s Xperia X on the spot under the magnifying glass and gives a forecast, which Smartphone is a place on the podium secures. Continue reading “Galaxy S7, LG G5 and Sony X: the Smartphone-Blockbuster in the Triathlon”

OBI Worldphone MV1: Pretty Cyanogen Smartphone with Apple-DNA

OBI Worldphone: A newcomer with past

You can still remember John Sculley? The U.S. top managers was CEO von Apple from 1983 to 1993, donned in this period with founder of Steve jobs and won the power struggle. In 1985, jobs left the firm he founded. In the years that followed, many Apple products flopped. Sculley was replaced in 1993, Steve Jobs returned to Apple back the rest is history. Today, Sculley operated primarily as a political consultant and investor. Among other things he is behind the company OBI Worldphone (not to be confused with the German DIY chain). And the Smartphone OBI MV1 comes now from OBI Worldphone. Our site has it at the Mobile World Congress under the magnifying glass taken. Continue reading “OBI Worldphone MV1: Pretty Cyanogen Smartphone with Apple-DNA”

Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0: Tablet for Sound Lovers in the Final Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Huawei sends a pretty as noble model in the race for the best tablet with the mediapad M2 10.0. Like the great display, the pace of work is high and the equipment is complete with the exception of NFC. Also good: The battery lasted the test eleven hours and 25 minutes. In total, a few points were missing to join Apple’s ipad air 2 from the throne. Best price on the Internet: 279.00 euro * per order this product at Amazon good image quality high pace of work long battery life memory expandable pen and cover in the package (premium version) Wi-Fi-ac, LTE (premium version) is missing against high price (premium version) NFC Testrating editorial 2.46 well user rating now to review the sales of Apple’s ipads are in the Christmas quarter 2015 implodes: sales decreased compared to the previous year by 21 percent to 7,084 million copies. Why? A customers opted rather for a larger Smartphone like the iphone 6S plus, on the other hand, the competition never sleeps. ASUS, Samsung and Sony have equivalent tablets at generally much more favorable terms on offer. Now Huawei. The Chinese put a model on the market, which will compete with the ipad air 2 with the mediapad M2 10.0. How is the Android 5.1 tablet equipped? And how is the device in everyday life? Our site has extensively tested the mediapad M2. Continue reading “Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0: Tablet for Sound Lovers in the Final Test”

Oral-B Genius in the Plaster Test: This Toothbrush Fun

Intelligent and individual dental care Oral-B calls his vision of the future in terms of oral hygiene. At this year’s MWC, the manufacturer will present a new generation of its Bluetooth toothbrush. The oral-B genius connects to your Smartphone and analyzes the behavior of the plaster. Sounds only once not revolutionary, but the concept is extremely well thought out. Our site screen takes you on cleaning tour.

Plaster analysis in real time

Toothbrush via Bluetooth connect to the Smartphone, Smartphone by suction cup at eye level on the mirror install, start Oral-B-app and concentrated to scrub the pearly whites: so runs the cleaning process with the new genius. And so the toothbrush really knows where you have brushed how thoroughly, there’s a new feature called position detection: this position detection uses a mix of the accelerometer in the brush and a video analysis of the front camera of smartphones and so registers where you maybe something attractive clean should. Continue reading “Oral-B Genius in the Plaster Test: This Toothbrush Fun”

Mwc 2016: Seniors Smartphone Doro 8031

Dual rearview cameras, curved display, replacement modules and mini screens: the mobile world congress is a showcase for the technological advancements in the smartphone industry this year. Away from the expensive upper class devices, but also manufacturers who do not use on peak performance, but simplified use cavort at the fair in barcelona. It has a simple reason: seniors who are looking for one to use smartphone simple to come also at their own expense. Stage free for the doro 8031.

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Milestones of in Mobile History: the Wide Way To iphone, Galaxy Co.

SMS, Bluetooth, megapixel camera, mobile Internet, touch screen what today the absolute standard which was unthinkable years ago. The cell phone had to undergo a long evolutionary history, until it became what we now call Apple iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Google keep nexus or LG G in the hands.

Mobile World Congress 2016: all trends, videos and highlights

The first touch screen there was Simon for example, 1993 at IBM. But disconnect then and today’s worlds price and quality. Although touch-sensitive displays have been developed further, but 2007 came with the LG Prada’s first phone with a capacitive touchscreen on the market, as we know it today by all smartphones. Continue reading “Milestones of in Mobile History: the Wide Way To iphone, Galaxy Co.”