Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the Test

Android 4.0 nexus celebrates its premiere on the Samsung Galaxy. If operating system and Smartphone can meet the high expectations, clarifies our test.

Now it is so, the long and eagerly awaited first Smartphone with Android 4.0. Because it is a unit of Google himself commissioned, the operating system in its purest form is played up – without a vendor-specific interface Samsung Touchwiz or HTC Rhyme. The Galaxy nexus and is, like its predecessor already nexus S, the Korean electronics giant Samsung and goes for hard-line 679 euros without a contract over the counter.

Visually, the Galaxy follows the success model nexus nexus S. Also the newcomer has the slightly curved shape, the front appears uniform again as a large black area. Despite the lush dimensions, nexus, the Galaxy is very well balanced in the hand of the user. The fluted battery cover also ensures that the mobile securely fits in the hand. The processing is at a high level.

Real piece of cake: the display

The highlight of the Galaxy but is without any doubt the capacitive touchscreen in the 4.65-inch format nexus. Where this is not completely correct because if you just take it like about connect, then Galaxy nexus offers only a 4.4-inch display. The lower part of the screen is reserved almost exclusively for the functions “Back”, “Icon” and “Multitasking”. This replaces the sensor buttons usual with Android Smartphones or also Hardkeys nexus in the Galaxy.

Anyway – 4.65 or 4.4 inches, the OLED touch screen, it’s just a dream. He resolves with 720 x 1280 pixels in HD, the representation of images and videos in particular is a stunner – for the latter that uses the entire screen nexus, by the way. Hours before this display can be spend, without that the fascination fades with deep black, strong, but not exaggerated colors and a crisp sharpness. After the display of the Galaxy note, which also comes from the House of Samsung, this is the second-best display, which connect has ever come under the eyes. For that alone, a large part of the rather lush price is justified.

Andoid 4.0 brings new

Presents itself visually and functionally Android 4 ice cream sandwich fresh look. New icons and writings provide an improved readability of texts and Visual variety. The icon can be also even more flexible use and adjust. While the Central button at the bottom of the display fix calls the main menu, the four remaining buttons can be freely defined by the user. Also, einige Widgets be adjusted in size or offer a scroll function, such as the photo gallery or YouTube. The option to create folders on the screen also allows to have similar functions in a pot.

Something to make the Android Pro operation must be. They found the options button in the row below the display, as in the past it is so now as button with three squares in the respective app to discover. The button for multi-tasking takes the place in the function line for it. Speaking of which: The programme overview shines in a less cluttered look. A wiper stopped comfortably right individual programmes; the simultaneous closure of all applications is not possible. The main menu has also made fresh: next to the layer for the apps, there is now also a tab for the widgets – a very convenient solution.

Facilities with small gaps

Otherwise, the Galaxy has only the best ingredients on board nexus. So, the Samsung offers all current technical tidbits of HSPA +, n Wi-FI, WiFi direct and NFC up down to the dual-core processor with 1.2 GHz and an internal memory with about 13 GBzur free of charge. Unfortunately, a lot of change for comfortable extending of the memory is missing. Some usual basic functions such as programs for notes or tasks are on the missing list. This about the Android market can be although retrofitted, other models the basic functions bring out however by House. Another small tip for Office fans: A program for viewing Office documents is not to be found in the menu. Nevertheless, appropriate files when they are loaded nexus as an email attachment on the Galaxy. Then they find themselves under the “Downloads” menu item.

The entertainment Department of the Galaxy makes a good impression of nexus. Although lacking an FM radio, but the new music player convinced both functionally and visually with a configurable equalizer. The 5-megapixel camera is really strong. In addition to auto-focus by finger tip and photo light it brings also a panorama function and an image editor. Also offers a quick access from the standby mode and ready for launch within one second for snapshots. Befitting records videos in full HD.

Burglary on the home stretch

The Galaxy nexus war up to this point on the champion course, verhagelte the laboratory scoring a top result. In standby measuring only 13 days were on the Protocol, and also the practical typical endurance for the mixing operation is only at 4:37 hours. Since, competitors have to offer but much more. Only the talk times are over 15 hours in the GSM and for about five hours in UMTS mode in competitive area. Much better, the Galaxy cut nexus for the transmission and reception performance. Both the 2 g and the 3G-Einsatz it reached above-average results, allowing use even in less well covered areas. The good acoustics can also convince in the test.

In the sum

Can in the sum of both the Galaxy convince nexus than even Android 4.0. The buyer Gets a Smartphone with a brilliant display and strong performance. You must live with the weak stamina, but for this reception and acoustic agree. Also Android again takes a step forward.


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