HTC Sensation XL in the Test

Sensation XL Lady Gaga stood Godfather at the presentation of the HTC. The common theme: Entertainment at the best level. Our test shows whether the requirements are met.

Already the start was the big show. For the presentation of the sensation XL invited HTC in the beru? a famous Roundhouse to London. Not only stars and journalists answered the call, thousands of party-tested London HTC fans took advantage of the event, to celebrate to the beats of Europe’s DJ elite. was angeku as a highlight? reconcile. It doesn’t even hit midnight, there was a murmur through the crowd – but also Lady Gaga had mixed among the people.

With this rushing party in October 2011, HTC documented claim to set the tone in terms of music. The announced in August and established with acquisition of a majority holding of 51 percent partnership with the audio specialists was preceded by beats by Dr. Dre. In addition to the smaller sensation XE , the XL is the second Smartphone emerged from this collaboration. Without a contract and with the Beats-In-ear headphones it cost 619 euros. In addition, at Vodafone, there is a version with the on-ear headphones solo for 649 euro.

The name is program

This gives the name already an important message, the XL is extra large. Not only is it reminds of the second great name in the program of the Smartphone manufacturer from Taiwan. With the Windows phone device HTC Titan more than a distant family membership connects the Androids. The dimensions of 133 x 71 x 10 millimeters, which meet current standards only in the thickness approximately. That makes it even fur large hands difficult, one-handed a contact in the address book to select and call. Long phone without headset is also no pleasure. Processing basically corresponds to the good level of HTC. A larger gap shows only the upper transition between the metal cover of the battery and the main body. A press on that at this point you? Plastic surface could fix the flaws but, pulling gently brought him out again.

The edge to the tablet display

HTC has obstructed the greatest display in the XL, that still must be faced with being suspected, the threshold for the tablet to u? crossing. That has advantages, anyone who even needs an email notices? dangerous wants to answer or otherwise longer texts must tap. This works on the XL in the uber Germany worn out Railbed rattling train, the keys on the virtual keyboard are pleasantly large. But despicable text capture you? sharpened not HTC’s primary objective have been, unlike best entertainment? r more. And no matter, whether simple images, long videos, or exciting games are available on the program – the large display plays out his advantage. Especially since the display can be used by brightness and viewing angle-independent high-contrast also times two. No one should expect only more resolution and thus more viewable content by the sensation of XL – here it remains at the Android Smartphone standard of 800 x 480 pixels.

Great sound included

Entirely away from more paths is the Sound support? chemistry through the depending on the purchased version of supplied headset by beats by Dr. Dre. Already the in-ear headset looks for something special with its comparatively large transducers plugs and the Red Connection cable. This is underlined by the sound of the More HTC Pack-headset at far is exceeded. With the CAP in terms of bass already too much of good to deliver, but a switchable beats compensation can tame this eagerness well. To do this, the digital-signal-processing software originating also from beats by Dr. Dre is used.

Three other features in detail show care: controlling fur Trackspru? nge and pause/play on the cable, the supplied transport case and a selection of rubber articles which fit the plugs of all ear sizes. Finally serves the good seat of not only convenience, but is also fu? r sound important. In the on-ear headset beats solo is the excellent attenuation of ambient noise remarkably, which reached almost the same level special noise-cancellation headphones. Good phone connection the headset also paid off, almost thought His acquaintance talking on the tester.


The sensation show in the laboratory XL properties known from other HTC phones, about one with uber five and a half hours typical endurance good staying power. Allegedly by the shielding metal cover on the back of the slightly below-average radio properties could Herru. The acoustics is also off the beats headsets at a high level, only the built-in speakers could deliver little more level for free operation. So you need to hear about when using the HTC as a guide in a strange, noisy town exactly on announcements.

Rapid pace of work

The S2-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is beyond any doubt. As single-core chip 1.5 gigahertz, he scored less than 80 000 points in the Browsermark and uber 1000 points in the Vellamo benchmark, however, even the LG Optimus speed and the Samsung Galaxy S2 look old. Where as the HTC sensation XE could make new records, which has built up a very thick processor at a smaller display: The Snapdragon of third generation (S3) is also clocked at 1.5 GHz, but anticipates two cores and has a strong u? used graphic unit that you contribute to the acceleration? sharpened.

Miss dedicated users with the sensation of XL could a memory card slot to the rapid exchange of data and the extension of 13 gigabytes, the users to the free backend? gung stand. But besides the HTC put sensation XL a grand entrance, the fans of the lush entertainments can easily pull under its spell.


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