Gigaset SL910 A in the Test

Gigaset is not only market leader, but also pioneer with the first touch screen-DECT in luxury design. The Gigaset SL910 A in the test.

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On the Betatschen of small equipment one has become accustomed at the latest since the iPhone, now touch screens we encounter everywhere. As a tablet or on the ticket of the railway – even camcorders are now largely controlled with a finger. So, it’s no wonder that now deployed the first phone with an appropriate screen. As everywhere, this is a matter of taste even in the domestic environment, the classy appearance at the SL910 A, however, is indisputable.

Gigaset SL910 A: of high quality material mix

The exterior is characterized by the 3.2-inch capacitive display with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, which is surrounded by a real metal frame. The weight of 162 grams leaves the SL910 A tired hand and supports the significant impression. This also applies to the charging station, which is framed in metal and is very stable as a result. Back a plastic lid in piano black finish covers the battery and speaker. A cleaning cloth should however be within reach because the glossy display shows fingerprints.

The display allows Smartphone comfort as we know him and appreciate. So the main menu consists of three sides transversely by swipe finger: one shows the keyboard, one lets the answering machine control and one with features such as baby alarm, clock, calendar, speed dials and of course the address book show. The latter contains 500 entries three numbers a and can by hand or filled with software by Outlook contacts are, either via Bluetooth or USB.

Contacts from the mobile phone could add only with older models that support the not so common OBEX profile. Also assign caller images is awkward: are not transferred from Outlook, but have about the software on the phone and there manually assign. Custom ringtones can be uploaded too, an editor helps the loop creation from WMA, WAV and MP3 files.

Gigaset SL910 A: rubbing shoulders with the phone

Keys there are only three: dial-up, end and menu. The latter should serve also as backspace, over the small arrow on the screen, it is somewhat cumbersome. The touch screen responds not so precise and fast as the iPhone, but manages the operation quite well. Wedged between head and shoulder’s is whether admittedly not too sure, also a belt clip is not present slim line. The hands-free function allows a proper intercom for that, otherwise, the sound beyond any doubt was raised.

The power consumption was 1.6 Watts in the connect-mix at the average level. This is a full eco mode to reduce radiation on board. Overall, the SL910 is A a good start in the touch screen segment with potential for improvement in detail.

Data sheet

Type of connection / caller ID analog /.
Display: Max digits of phone number 32
Number ringtones handset / base 24 /.
Paging (handset search) / key lock /
Lighting display / keyboard /
Speakerphone on the handset / baby phone / headset connection / /
Bluetooth pairing with headset / PC / mobile / /
Firmware update possible / Outlook sync. with PC /
CAT-iq (vb) system
DECT encryption / senior-friendly / outdoor-ready / /
Caller list: memories / visual signalling 20 /.
Memory phonebook / phone numbers per contact 500 / 3
Phone book: Name, first name separately / characters per name / 32
VIP ring tone / picture CLIP /
Power supply & RADIATION
Battery type / standard batteries LiIon /.
Charging station separately from base station
Total system power consumption (mix) (watt) 1.6
Radiation reduction: Fully eco-fashion / eco mode /
Transmitting power of based on manually drosselbar
dynamic power of the handset
If color display: the number of colours / resolution (pixels) 262144 / 320 x 480
SMS / text input help /
Email client / RSS feeds /
Data retention when power failure / remote access /
Keyboard / display base /
Announcement / recording length messages 3:00 / 55:00
Operating time standby / …mit full eco mode (hh: mm) / (hh: mm) 7 D 17:10:00 / 6T 6: 3:00 PM
Operating time conversation (hh: mm) 10:52:00
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 3.5 / 3.9
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 5 / 7
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating (dB / dB) 0.1 / 2.5
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms) 17.3 / 15.1
Idle channel noise receive / send (dBPa(A) / dBm0(P)) -69.5 / – 63.8
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT) 4.5
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 2.2 / 3.8
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 4 / 7
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating) (dB / dB) 9.2 / 4.5
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms) 18.5 / 42.1
Activation threshold in direction (dB) 76
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT) 3.3


ENDURANCE 50 satisfactory (37)
Standby time / talk 25 / 25 25 / 12
EQUIPMENT up 175 very good (153)
Basic functions 55 54
Comfort features 50 48
Phone number management 35 30
Power supply & radiation 20 15
Multimedia and messaging 10 5
Special functions 5 1
HANDLING maximum 175 well (140)
Menu / keyboard 70 / 20 56 / 16
Display / handling 25 / 25 20 / 21
Workmanship / operating instructions 20 / 10 18 / 9
Dimensions & weight 5 0
SOUND MAX 100 good (77)
Laboratory phone handset on the head received / send 40 / 30 32 / 25
Laboratory phone handset speakerphone received / send 15 / 15 10 / 10
CONNECT judgment Max 500 points 407 well
tested in issue: 01 / 12


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