Dali Fazon F5 in the Test

Boxing specialist Dali manufactures the new model Fazon F 5 (3000 euro per pair) with housings of particularly rugged cast aluminium. Shape and sound are exceptional.

Ask a HiFi enthusiast: which components of a speaker are the most important? Usually, the answer from the gun will be shot: the chassis determine the quality of the sound, everything else is rather minor matter. Occasionally be clearly the converter called, but are in the focus of interest also crossovers and internal wiring.

Also boxes housing dominate the sound very clearly, but few can imagine. In fact, sometimes even small changes in form and material make noticeable. What complicates the matter: boxing case may otherwise mitigate any frequency range as bodies of musical instruments or prefer.

The usual body materials are wood and materials derived from. However, more and more manufacturers are focusing on aluminium. So also the Danish boxing specialist Dali, who now presents a model with display values with its Fazon F5: the has transducers are only good including feet 90 centimeters high and work thanks to additional high-gloss paint touch how visually very appealing.

Higher strength due to aluminium

The trend towards aluminium enclosures can be observed already compact satellite systems. ALU standing speakers are, however, relatively rare, because the production costs increases non-linear with the Cabinet, but felt rather exponentially. To drivers and body perfectly is the form of the baffle in the dispersion characteristics to include partial volumes must have the optimum size, stiffness in the right places sitting. Simple extruded profiles, jumbled as the metre of the band, allow a targeted control of vibrational nor an optimal interior layout. It takes individual molds for each speaker model.

Standing speakers with custom-made aluminium housings were reserved so far mostly for five-digit price regions. The top speakers by Piega fall under this rubric or even the grandiose Magico Q Series models. However, that is Dali F5 with its price of just 3000 Euro times almost already over favor-especially since it also has a very elaborately designed internal architecture.

The body is manufactured in a single operation under Exorbitant pressure and achieved a superior stiffness by its irregular shape, as well as additional bracing inside. Then, the baffle with the housing is screwed and glued, which again increases the stability. Building stores much less energy than conventional housings made of wooden panels and any expressions of the tapping test.

The cast iron construction allows for an organic form, which looks not only beautiful, but makes more difficult the training of standing waves inside the boxes. The blanks are produced by an external specialist for aluminium, because the necessary machines would not count boxes provider.

Finally, the body is black or white high gloss lacquer. A removable fabric cover to protect of the chassis is included.

The chassis of the F5 based on the drivers of the mentorseries, but have been revised as regards linearity and fidelity. The two woofers, of which one also denies the middle layers have a magnetic system with additional elements made of copper, which reduce the usual fluctuations of the impedance as a function of the position of the voice coil. This has reduced distortions in large diaphragm excursions. So, the F5 can produce effortlessly a sound intensity, for which you had to go much larger chassis a few years ago.

Also the body its part contributes that the F5 sounds bigger than it looks. Compared to conventional packages with similar exterior dimensions, the aluminum construction brings 30 percent more net volume, what the bass characteristics measuring and audible benefit.

Vibrant and crystal-clear sound

Actually the F5 could represent very powerful and realistic male voices and double basses. At the Elvis Presley-Ohrwurm “fever”, she easily kept apart the parts and proved an excellent sense of timing. The savoury finger-snapping sound very natural. The character was at times so impulsive as played electrostatic transducers, which are famous for their speed.

The purity of the sound remained at robust levels. But such acts of force were not necessary, to have fun. A tremendous joy came from the F5 already at volume, with which she settle pleasantly by the Gewaber of many conventional boxes could. This carefree attitude is simply very attractive. Otherwise it always says: “who wants to be beautiful must suffer.” Today, there are the beautiful and strong sound F5 by Dali.


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