Which Coat Suits to Me? – Tips for Every Figure and Every Outfit

A warm coat is indispensable in winter. Parka, trenchcoat, down, coat in O-, H- or A-line – the variety of winter coats is now really big! The question for which model you choose depends not only on your personal taste, modesty, budget and everyday life, but also on your figure.

Use these tips, which jacket forms to which character types are suitable and which interface details, you can maximize the strengths of your figure and hide the weaknesses. If you know your body proportions well, you can quickly determine which coat would suit you best to make your appearance and figure come to the full. Continue reading “Which Coat Suits to Me? – Tips for Every Figure and Every Outfit”

Pack Your Bags – Checklist and Helpful Hints

When packing luggage, it may happen that ultimately important things were forgotten or you have too little taken. In order not to spoil the holiday from the start, it is sensible to plan early, what is really needed and to pack it right. Many things are not allowed in hand luggage, others must always be with you, like all the important documents, valuables and medicines.

In addition, the hand luggage should be optimized for all cases, so that you can get a few days only with these things. It is useful when packing to wonder: ‘Without which utensils to get out in no case?’ Continue reading “Pack Your Bags – Checklist and Helpful Hints”

Hitchhikers Makeup – Helpful Tips and Instructions

Slippers are partly associated with age, but are also a consequence of predisposition. This is naturally flaccid or sagging skin due to aging, which is located above the lid and ensures that the eyelid is not visible when the eye is open. Surely there are cosmetic interventions, which are carried out against the Schlupfliders.

This is above all a variant, if the Schlupflider restrict your view. However, if you do not have such problems, it may be enough to know how to make hanging eyelids best so they do not attract attention. In this article we have compiled some tips and instructions that will allow you the right way to  make up drooping eyelids can, by a perfect eye makeup Apply. So, how can you make the best lollipop? You can learn that now! Continue reading “Hitchhikers Makeup – Helpful Tips and Instructions”

Wireless HiFi Music System: Canton Your Duo

The wireless music system “Your World” by Canton (500 euro) is by a small, inconspicuous interface to the versatile multi-room package. Now no more limits of imagination, to create his own sound world is.

Who wanted to fill early, in the 80s or even 90s years, many rooms in his home from a source with music, had to intervene to do so not only pretty deep in the Pocket, but also still terribly in the architecture, pull miles stripping and endure monstrous racks full of blinking electronic with the charm of a server farm. And woe, also only a detail of the complicated structure was changed – then remained the music hour, Yes for days mute until the error was finally found. Continue reading “Wireless HiFi Music System: Canton Your Duo”

Becker Ready Talk V2 in the Test

For 150 euros, Becker with the ready talk V2 sends a well-equipped Navi in the race that even with voice control.

  1. Becker ready talk V2 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The ready 43 talk V2 with 4.3-inch touchscreen focus in terms of facilities other than the big brother ready 50: it has a well-functioning voice control and a Bluetooth hands-free kit under the hood. For this, the maps includes only 19 European countries, while the ready 50 in 40 countries at home. Continue reading “Becker Ready Talk V2 in the Test”

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 in the Practice Test

The mini under the Galaxy S speaks first Minis WiFi models. The compact, weighing only 110 grams model is not only something for the little ones. Also at the big well processed, small MID model makes a very handy impression.

The few keys are pleasantly large, the control takes a touch screen–as with Android devices usual -. The simple TFT screen coincides with 3.65 inch (diagonal screen size: 9.3 cm) from not very big. Its resolution of 360 x 480 pixels complies with the usual standard format. For the display of Web pages (it must be much scrolled), when the app labels appear on the home page (the last letter of the texts lacks) or its low resolution is visibly noticeable the games however. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 in the Practice Test”

Becker Ready 50 in Test

New: the ready 50 is a constant further development with small flaws.

  1. Becker Ready 50 in test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Becker estimated 189 euros for his new ready 50. A device that dispenses with Live services and other luxury offerings and focused fully on the essential: simple operation and reliable navigation. Continue reading “Becker Ready 50 in Test”

A Rival NAV-XEA50 in the Test

A rival is confident in its pricing policy: the NAV XEA50 129 euros. Is the price justified? Our test is the answer.

  1. A rival NAV-XEA50 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Besides our site, Becker and co, the brand is A rival to an outsider. Still, the flat body of the NAV XEA50 adds chic and elegant. Curiosity is broad: how is the underdog in the practice? Continue reading “A Rival NAV-XEA50 in the Test”

Our Site Update Check

The our site app is now available on the iPad – and the truly excellent storage service is still unrivalled in the market.

Navigation on the iPad? Who wonders about it should times a camper rent, where normal Navis kilometres away at the plate and of course not well served reasonably well read be or can. Campers should forward so most about the new Our site app 1.9 which is available since October on the app store available. A special offer was and is not our site: the Europe version costs 90, Western Europe 70 and the regional variant of Switzerland, Germany and Austria 50 euro. Continue reading “Our Site Update Check”

Nokia Navigation Test

Nokia navigation goes free on the new Windows phone 7 devices. The Symbian version has the edge but still.

The Nokia navigation for several years is preinstalled – also on the new Lumia 800 Windows phone 7 free of charge and on virtually all devices of the House in different versions. The application has no full-featured here but still, but is only available in a trimmed-down version available. That’s why we have dispensed with on an evaluation and tested instead at the same time the latest version 3.08 for the Symbian-Belle – operating system on the Nokia 701 – this combination offers the currently best navigation performance according to Nokia. Continue reading “Nokia Navigation Test”