Falk Flex 400 in the Test

The Falk Flex 400 enters the ring with a revised software. Is that enough to survive against strong competition? Falk Flex 400 in the test

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The good news first: Falk has missed a new look to its menus. “That was even time!” a colleague said as he brought back the new Flex 400 from a business trip. He is right, because in comparison to the competition, the Falk-Navis worked last a bit frumpy and grey. But that’s now: the new menus seem appealing, like with clarity and respond much faster to input.

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Great Burlesque Dancer for a Day

In Italy, as elsewhere in the world, is depopulating the style burlesque, enclosing, through play between irony and showmanship, an intense charge of eroticism. To feel for one day as Dita Von Teese, just follow a few small steps.

As for the ladies’ underwear to wear, it will be important to point to corsets, bustiers in black satin with red bows, garter belt, satin or velvet long gloves, mini-hats with feathers and crystals, black Brocade bodice with lace and footwear, such as boots or decollete glitter and sparkly rhinestones applications with strictly, very fine fabrics and lace to slim the figure, shaping the silhouette. Continue reading “Great Burlesque Dancer for a Day”

Children on the Beach: Latest Trends in 2014!

How to dress our kids to the beach? Here are some tips …

Children at sea: combine practicality, comfort, lightweight fabrics and trends-fashion you can? Of course! And this is confirmed by the latest news in fashion and style!

Fresh, light, practical fabrics and colors and tones of latest trend, to make our children really trendy and original, with particular attention to their very young age and their health… Continue reading “Children on the Beach: Latest Trends in 2014!”

Colors: How to Match Them in the Right Way?

Match wisely the colors of fashion accessories and clothing, can be very difficult… Here are some valuable tips…

Fashion, as very often happens, offers trendy accessories and clothes in General, breaking the rules of the combinations of colors or offering combinations of colors rather unusual. Know the rules so as not to create combinations rather bizarre, can be of great help. For a lively and sparkling look, create strong contrasts between shades quite opposite or burning; for a harmonious look sober, you can opt for pastel tones and delicate … But let’s discover together all the details… Continue reading “Colors: How to Match Them in the Right Way?”

Paggetti, Here Are a Few Ideas to Dress Our Little

Pageboys, ideas and suggestions to dress our boys at the wedding of friends and family

Paggetti, how to dress our adorable children for an important occasion, what is a wedding? If you are looking for some idea and any suggestion, you are at the right page. Who are the girls? Are children who have the task of bringing the faiths at the altar, which are positioned on the classic and elegant pillow. Continue reading “Paggetti, Here Are a Few Ideas to Dress Our Little”

Women Transitional Styling – Tips & Inspiration from the Stars

You want your hair to a short haircut again grow or intend to part with the long mane? For you, we present ideas for hairstyles, with which you can also design a beautiful look for the transition between short and long hair. In the article, see the most beautiful  women transition hairstyles as they are also worn by the stars.

Ladies transitional dresses – make the Pixie Cut grow

Those who want to grow their hair should have a great deal of patience and choose a proper cut for the transitional hair. To let the hair grow is unfortunately not recommended, because this will be uneven. For example, if you have a short haircut with longer coat hair and shorter neckline, your growing hair can produce an unwanted Vokuhila effect. This is why you should make a visit to the Frieseur from time to time and adjust the hair length. Continue reading “Women Transitional Styling – Tips & Inspiration from the Stars”

Nail Polish Fast Drying – Home Remedy, Tips and Tricks

Undoubtedly fresh are painted nails a real looker, look neat and emphasize the feminine. If you like to paint the nails, you know that drying can take a long time. Depending on the varnish, the drying time can take up to 20 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can hit your fingers with somewhere and you can start repairs right from the beginning.

In this article we offer some home remedies, tips and tricks, as your freshly applied nail polish dry faster is. Continue reading “Nail Polish Fast Drying – Home Remedy, Tips and Tricks”

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 in Comparison – Specifications, Features

In March at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Samsung presented its top smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7. A few months after having Apple tightened. Now the iPhone 7 is still in advance, but almost sold out and on 16 September it officially sold worldwide. We accept  iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 compared and report on the facts, flags and first impressions. Continue reading “iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 in Comparison – Specifications, Features”

Long Bob – Examples by Haircut and Color Inspired by the Stars

The Bob is a classic haircut, which has existed since the 1920s and is actually absolutely timeless. The British star barber Vidal Sasson brought this humming back into the daylight in the 60s and he quickly became popular with many Hollywood stars. The Bob is now available in different variations, including as Long Bob, which we will present in this article.

As long Bob applies the hairstyle, the length of which ends somewhere between the neck and arm. The modern and feminine Long Bob or even referred to as “praise” is not dependent on the face shape or hair type and color, and therefore of the Topfrisuren is indispensable. Continue reading “Long Bob – Examples by Haircut and Color Inspired by the Stars”

Curls with Curling Iron – Helpful Tips & Guidance for Success

Curly hair seem incredibly beautiful and feminine and among the most popular hairstyles. If you are not naturally blessed with curls, you have to put on hand, which is nowadays no problem thanks to different products. Specially fast and easy you get beautiful curls with a curling iron. In order to perfect curls with curling iron can make and thus keeping them long, but some things have to be observed.

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