Leap Year Causes Problems with Windows Azure

There in the distant year of 1999, there were fears that, at the turn of 2000 the computer systems would catch. IIRC, the record of the year with only two digits were common, resulting in change of 99 (1999) to 00 (1900, therefore). Until we survived well to this failure.

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Bikini Lovers by Chiara Biasi

Young, fresh and with unique style: The collection of swimwear brand Bikini Lovers Chiara Biasi.

New collection of swimwear for the ‘Summer 2014 brand Bikini Lovers, in collaboration with fashion bloggers and trendsetters most-watched of the moment: Chiara Biasi.

The young model become brand designers creating a line of beachwear young Made in Italy 100%: a collection designed for young women who like to stand out and above who do not renounce to appear with a unique style and glamor even in days at sea.

Bikini Lovers estate 2014

Real stars of Bikini Lovers collection for this summer, are the costumes printed, very very young, colorful and fun; starting from the model Gea to frou frou padded headband with Brazilian slip of pink, blue and orange. In floral print bikini is the Ersa with frou frou bra and panties triangle with side ties. Very innovative are the limited edition models: Amira, with end to cross under the bust in shades of coral to wear with pants in a contrasting color fuchsia, Iris sunset print, flamingos, parrots, sunflowers, Sunse t and Anthea printed in cashmere shades of blue.

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Google Account Recovery Has Paid Option That Streamlines Process

That’s something that probably almost no one knows about one account Google: you can pay to regain access to it faster. While the normal methods offer a standard account recovery and no customized support of the company to pay a “prioritization” account recovery is streamlined and receives an attention to more of the responsible officials.

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ME FUI: the Beachwear line of Belén and Cecilia Rodriguez

Finally online after days of ‘waiting, the first line of swimwear signed Belén and Cecilia Rodriguez.

For several days running on many web immagni of Belén and Cecilia Rodriguez in costume, photo, announcing the launch of a new line of swimwear called ME FUI made by the two Argentinean sisters. And finally after a long wait, the site is online and already stormed by millions of visitors.

For ME FUI costumes online fantasies are five choices by Rodriguez, Mapuche: turquoise;antuche: blue; Peru: red; guadalupe: Green; Rupanco: black. Fantasies used for different models in order to adapt to the different shapes of every woman and enhance beauty and sensuality. As stated by the same Belén, this collection came about after a trip to Argentina when walking through the Cecilia fabric stores and she decided to be inspired by the traditional fabrics of iTypeTravel and create a line of swimwear.

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Gottex Swimwear Collection

You are already doing hunting costumes perfect? One that will make you feel beautiful in the sun for the next hot (we hope!) Summer? Here is a totally fashion proposal. It is the exclusive collection of beachwear signed Gottex, which comes on the shelves boutique delel with a series of models designed for the summer season coming from the new creative director of the brand, the English Grand Molly, that on the resume boasts collaborations with signatures historical fashion, such as YSL, Stella McCartney and Gianfranco Ferré. Continue reading “Gottex Swimwear Collection”

Wunderkit Manager Will Beta. It’s This That Say?

Who knows and uses the Wunderlist is already accustomed to the whim and great service interface of the German 6Wunderkinder. They ended up taking by storm the scene task managers very quickly, with a round product, cross-platform support and the clean and open ear to what the user has to tell you. Continue reading “Wunderkit Manager Will Beta. It’s This That Say?”

Flattering Swimwear for All Body Types

Summer is coming and serves the swimsuit, today we show you the swimsuits most beautiful and chic of the best brands but also simpler ones that may be fine for swimming. The swimsuit choice is quite challenging, especially morally, because Societypically.com is all there in plain sight. Fortunately, however, there are swimsuits that are beautiful, elegant and seductive but help us to hide some minimal imperfections… if it were needed, of course!! Continue reading “Flattering Swimwear for All Body Types”

Flickr Launches Quarterly Pro Plan

He was once the apple of the eye of those who enjoy photography. Lately I’m not sure how things are, since the Facebook gains strength as photo hosting. Anyway, it is important to report that the Flickr now offers this week from a new type of professional plan. The funds remain the same; the frequency of payment changes.

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4Chan Starts Selling Annual Subscription Users

One of the greatest memes of 4chan known forum is the Gold Account, which would be a specific account where users pay a monthly fee to have access to restricted images. It is all a big joke to make fun face beginners forum, but today it has become reality. The creator of 4chan Chris “moot” Poole today launched the so – called 4chan Pass – an annual subscription to site members.

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Google Presents Search Results to Score

Remember that Google said last week that does not index the special character “@” or provide result for him in search results? The blog Google Operating System saw a clue in reports on the subject that led them to discover something quite interesting: Google started to show results for scores.

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