The Strangest Hats for Winter

The hats are the true protagonists of the winter and for the chilly, represent a requirement rather than a fashion accessory.

Last week I was looking for a new hat for the winter, I wanted something original and not a model any, banal and sad; then I turned on the computer and I have had a look at my favorite online shop ( but I never imagined to find so bizarre patterns.

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Tables from Modern Design

The coffee tables as well as being excellent supports for books, magazines, remote control, tray with coffee cups … are complements covering Significant positions, inside the chamber, and therefore must be particularly refined and cared for in their aesthetic component.

Set next to the couch, or the center of the room, perhaps lying on a giant carpet, the coffee tables are complements that by yourself, or with little else, manage to outline a corner, a corner, an area of the room, where you can devote to specific activities.

These activities may fall into two broad categories: or personal relaxation or opening and sharing with the rest of the family. See Christmas decorating ideas for table on

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How to Wear Fishnet Stocking

Socks network enjoyed great popularity among contemporary fashion. The most sought after today are considered to be black and red socks on the network. Such colors most clearly separate the structure of farming and also combine well with the clothes of many of the commonly used styles. Also, the patterns differ from one another with a mesh size. This choice remains the only lady fashion socks because the value of holes in socks is not reflected in the way of anything except personal desires.

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Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses, most interesting for girls that will accompany the bride during the wedding. You are looking for any ideas? Take a look at our photo gallery.

When you hear the word “damsel” our thoughts go out to rich American marriages, but in Italy the bridesmaids are just little girls, not too large, which accompany the bride with the pageboy, wearing wedding rings. Continue reading “Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses”

Stylish Maternity Clothes

During pregnancy it’s hard to find beautiful clothes to wear and who are also comfortable. Fortunately for some years the fashion world is paying more attention to pregnant women and for this they were born only lines designed for pregnant women.

The stylist Isabella Oliver has been a pioneer in this field. The most famous star of Hollywood have worn her clothes during pregnancy. Any names? The German model Heidi Klum, the singer Gwen Stefani, the gorgeous Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, the former Spice Girl Mel c.. Her website our site contains all the collections, with its price. Continue reading “Stylish Maternity Clothes”

How to Do Fish Gape

Farewell to duckface. The expression chosen by the stars on the red carpet now is the fish gape, or the positioning of the lips “fish mouth”. That remains is to adapt to new trends …
You know, the time of duckface has set. After years of training in the completion of a facial expression worthy of the name, now you have to surrender to the new trend: the fish gape, or the expression (literally) “fish-slot” . For friends and fans friends, it’s OK to just “fish mouth”. For those, however, he wants to dwell on the technical “pursed lip”.

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How to Equip Your Bike for the Winter

If you want to travel in the winter months with your bike, then you should make your bike winterized before the season. The Winter Check will show you what is important.

Check 1: Check the lights

The lighting of your bicycle must necessarily work properly during the winter months. Just when the days get shorter, go else on the road in danger because motorists you might easily overlook.

Make easy the light test. Replace old batteries with new ones, replace if necessary, the bulb or upgrade your lighting system fully operational by Dynamo. Well, if your lighting system also works in the state, so that you are seen at road junctions when you are waiting at a red light.

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Types of LED Light Bulbs

Some information on led bulbs and their advantages over the “old” bulbs: savings in time, longer life, eco-sustainability

The led light bulbs are the new frontier of enlightenment: the ecological, eco-sustainable, from the extreme durability, able to save a considerable amount of energy and available for all environments, are gradually replacing incandescent bulbs, halogen and fluorescent ones.

Install at home of bulbs led is a great advantage from the economic point of view, and although the cost per piece is higher than conventional bulbs, you can recoup spending easily over time as there will be a need to replace them after a few weeks.

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Flashlight with Video

The Swann Flashlight DVR looks like a normal flashlight, but has additionally installed a video camera.

Flashlights are usually used for excursions or security services. The Swann FlashlightDVR should generate interest in both, because on the light cone has a video camera attached. The filming then simultaneously in the direction in which the light is kept, so you can thieves do not only illuminate, but also absorb. Unfortunately, an expensive idea:

The video camera has a CMOS chip supports a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Not much, but broadcast material is not expected from a flashlight also. You can see the data on the built-in memory to store, but has only 128 MB which is enough moving pictures for 18 minutes. But they do have a slot for mini SD cards, which swallows up to 2GB. Via USB, the data are fed to a computer on.

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Male Nail Art Designs

On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, the brand thenailmythology has paraded his models with a flashy red nail polish on hands and feet.

Countermand girls: the nail polish for nails is no longer a habit only female. And the last oddity when it comes to nail art comes straight from the catwalk. On the occasion of the men’s fashion week, the brand MSGM has paraded in Milan its models with a flashy red nail polish on hands and feet. Sparkling thongs and nails lacquered ruby. But all this convince you? I personally do not.

The choice of this particular nail art was defined inter-sex MSGM by the same label that brought on the runway not only unisex enamels, but also equally suitable accessories for him and her, masculine and feminine details simultaneously.

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