Creative Costume for Graduation

Cherished ballroom now Bulgarian graduates in recent years, mostly associated with much vanity and display extremely glossy and even kitschy dresses. In an attempt to attract the attention of others, and to stand against their peers, seniors native appeared in all sorts of wacky outfits, some of them rather vulgar.

This year, however, several young men decided to escape the universal understanding of whalebone toilet and perhaps failed to pass a new fashion. The first graduate, which failed to impress throughout Bulgaria, giving up shiny and fancy dress is a 19-year-old Sylvia Chitakova from PMG Nikola Obreshkov – town.

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How to Match Jewelry with Clothes


The jewels are a fundamental part of our look, because the complete if there matches the smartly dressed. Very often though not by a lot of importance to this particular, risking to wear jewelry that are not suitable for the kind of leader we want to put. On the contrary, we should always put attention to the choice of these accessories, because they give a touch of femininity and class. Let’s see, thanks to these steps, how to choose the right jewel to be combined in several occasions.

The first rule to follow is that of the combination of colors, especially if we wear vintage costume jewelry. If we decide to wear neutral colored clothing such as beige, white or black, then we can use pretty colorful jewelry that will give a touch of liveliness to our appearance and we can also match up with makeup, just as cheerful.

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Cheap Leather Bracelets

Ideal for any look and leather bracelets ages remain a classic accessories. They are perfect for all types of clothing, from sporty to elegant. Can be made of multiple strands of leather and embellished with beads, crystals and studs. The silver pendants are a perfect match to compliment your leather bracelets.

We find it on the stands or in jewelry when some famous brand launches a new model. This can be embellished with beads or with an engraving. An accessory like that never goes out of fashion and is perfect all year round.
On the found braided leather bracelets and steel cuffs with snap closure closure or combined with steel plates that can be laser engraving a dedication or simply the name.

Most of the leather bracelets are unisex except for the length that is generally shorter for women, given the slim wrist and longer than for men.

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Fluorescent Bracelets Wholesale

Much loved by children and young people, the neon bracelets made trend for several years, becoming an indispensable fashion accessory for many women.

What are neon bracelets? It is colored bracelets that glow in the dark and that stand out even in the midst of a large crowd of a local, they were used mainly in clubs, then over time have become accessories to be used during the day and night.

How do neon bracelets

How do these fluorescent bracelets? Surely has that question at least once you are all behind this great result there is a chemical process that will try to explain in the simplest possible way.

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Fashion Bracelet for Mens

Men have come to appreciate from time the bracelets and accessories than the idea a few years ago, where he always thought solutions specifically dedicated to women. Accessories and especially men’s bracelets, allow you to enrich the look.

The request by the stronger sex is pretty high and men of all ages will enjoy wearing bracelets of any shape and color. It is interesting to know the men’s bracelets that are all the rage at this time, say goodbye to the classic models made of gold or lacquered with this material, the world of jewelry wants men who wear on their wrists bracelets with modern lines and strictly leather, steel and silver.

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Wedding Dresses in Black and White

For a very chic and metropolitan themed wedding, black and white may be the ideal solution. You can choose to decorate the tables, cake and party favors with these elegant colors and sober at the same time. And then there he is, the great protagonist: the wedding dress.

There are colors that never go out of style. The black and white is a combination extremely refined and timeless, so much so that even in the bride of many major brands came back powerfully for the 2012 season. Why choose an outfit so special? Meanwhile, for the desire to play with color, then go for the desire to be original and stand out from the crowd, finally to the need to enhance their appearance. Continue reading “Wedding Dresses in Black and White”

Short Dresses

Short dresses. The short dresses are a perfect choice for those hot days that tend to make during the last weeks of spring and, clearly, for all the summer.They tend to be dresses priced very cheap, since they are not very ornate or have very luxurious details. Many brands specially designed a collection of these modern dresses in which all its models follow a common pattern of, and they are simple.

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Vintage Wedding Shabby Chic

Try a slice of countryside and imagine organize there your marriage? Pastel colors, wrought iron, romantic candles and wildflowers. It is a reception style shabby chic, for brides who love vintage.

A shabby chic wedding is definitely a retro taste and at the same time. Thinking of marrying in the truest sense of the word, these two trends may not be easy, yet beyond being stroll form is also very suitable for those who want to achieve a delicate, romantic and informal atmosphere. Continue reading “Vintage Wedding Shabby Chic”

How to Choose Bridal Jewelry Based on the Hairstyle

Leather Choker or oversize sets? Classic light point or gaudy necklace? You ask yourselves these questions and you have no idea what jewelry to wear in the wedding day? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration? Well. In this article you will find many tips and tricks.

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Fashion Short Dresses for Christmas

This point-to-point come Christmas, we are already seeing the most beautiful collections of clothes Christmas, because with these parties, events to show off the most, so let’s now talk about a very special theme, dresses  short fashion for Christmas.

If you want to show a little skin, join the trend of short and waisted dress to perfectly frame your figure.

If you want to dress in the night of Christmas, we recommend that you use a short black dress, so you will see spectacular and very feminine but very sexy and modern.

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