Antique Maps of the World

More than a map, it is a kind of encyclopedia lifestyle: their -of pictographs, among other things, walruses, whaling schooners, kayaks and shamans portray hunting scenes and moments of the daily routine of the inhabitants of the peninsula Chukchi, in northeast Asia, located in the Bering Strait, Russia.

For its part, the aerodynamic map Harry Beck’s London Underground in 1933, expresses very well the appetite for innovative modernity of Great Britain of the early twentieth century.

That was also the time when the until then congestionada- Ordance Survey began to take off.

“It was not until the interwar period in the first half of the twentieth century, when the OS really seeped into the public imagination-and his affection as a synonym for hiking,” says Rachel Hewitt, author of “Map of a nation: A Biography of the Ordnance Survey”. Find the world maps on

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New Meters LED Lighting

Since the beginning of March 2016, LED AND SPA have signed a new exclusive distribution agreement of a new range of analyzers and light meters LED manufacturer ASENSETEK, one of the most prestigious worldwide and allows us to offer a new range of indispensable professional products in the field of lighting, especially for professionals in the LED industry.

The new range of espectrofotocolorímetros Lighting Passport Pro Manufacturer Asensetek, consists of a total of 3 models and for all kinds of professionals, encompassing from small businesses to electrical installations to large companies in the wholesale lights and television industry, there being a model for each adjusted to the real needs in their daily lives.

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FBI Could Access Data from an iPhone without Support from Apple. We’re lost?

US Department of Justice got what he wanted, but other questions were raised

The fight Apple with the FBI over, but the debate on security and privacy continues. On Tuesday (29), the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI announced that they managed to break into the iPhone that contains crucial data for a terrorism investigation.

Through a petition, the lawyer of the US State filed the lawsuit against Apple. “The government successfully accessed the data stored on Farook iPhone and no longer need the assistance of Apple Inc.,” the statement said. No other information about the case was revealed.

Rizwan Syed Farook is the American Terrorist name that promoted an attack in the city of San Bernardino (CA) along with his wife, on December 2, 2015. They killed 14 people in a shooting that took place at Inland Regional Center. The FBI believes that the iPhone 5c used by Farook contains significant data to corroborate the investigations since the terrorist was linked to the Islamic State. Continue reading “FBI Could Access Data from an iPhone without Support from Apple. We’re lost?”

Brazilians Are Not Very Satisfied with Telephony and Broadband Services

Between August and November 2015, Anatel held a satisfaction and quality research realized with fixed telephone service customers, mobile phone (post and prepaid) and fixed broadband. The results are not very good: none of the categories has achieved grade 7.

In the overall ranking, who got the best evaluation was the telephone service, with note 6.97. Soon after is post-paid mobile phone, with 6.72, followed by prepaid mobile with 6.62 and, lastly, fixed broadband, with 6.58. The parameters are from 0 to totally dissatisfied and 10 being completely satisfied.


In prepaid, there was a technical tie between three major operators: Claro, TIM and Hi.Of the four largest operators, Vivo leads the average satisfaction score of 6.8, but who is in the lead are the Sercomtel and Algar operators with notes of 7.81 and 7.05, respectively.

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Twitter Releases Photos with Captions for the Visually Impaired

You can describe your images without using the 140 character limit

Twitter launched on Tuesday (29) a feature to allow users to put captions up to 420 characters in photos posted on the social network. The goal is to make the photos accessible to all users, including people with visual disabilities who use Twitter with the help of screen readers.

Twitter users have described their images to allow the blind or people with low vision to understand the photos, but informally, usually with some hashtag as #pracegover or #legenda. The native feature subtitles Twitter does not consume the 140 character limit for tweets. Continue reading “Twitter Releases Photos with Captions for the Visually Impaired”

New to the Apple iWatch

Next year comes out the iWatch? Sony has two released, Samsung only one and perhaps there is also an Apple – there is talk of the Smartwatch. Both Sony and Samsung continued the success of the watches which can be controlled also its Smartphone, in borders, although all claim that the Smartwatch is the big trend of the future. Auch Apple does believe in it, as it seems – and who knows, maybe the Yankees could succeed with their Apple iWatch again?

The Smartwatch is future – at least Apple believes. And Californians are well known for innovation. Apple is but how Samsung and Sony, because the Apple iWatch jump with his Smartwatch probably not on the same train to be a simple iPhone accessory, if one may believe the rumors that are circulating.

Apple not commenting on the rumors of a iWatch though, but it seems to be that one works in Cupertino on an Apple iWatch now a fact. The Apple iWatch should be but no pure accessories for the iPhone, but can much more: according to internal sources that Apple should as a stand-alone device without iPhone iWatch work and take control of various things in the budget as the main task. The Apple iWatch could control the alarm system, the light and the heater in the House for example, the stereo system, and serve as a universal remote control for the home, which you wear on your wrist. Insider information anyway, report that the Apple had iWatch far more potential to be as just an accessory for the iPhone.

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Free Android Apps Spy Out Data

It seems that millions of users have free Android apps on their mobile phones that can pry into their data. This free Android apps funded by advertising are very popular, but a software with serious vulnerabilities. Actually want through this software ads appear, but she can be also as Trojan horse abuse – warn the U.S. security company FireEye researchers anyway.

The researchers took all free Android apps in the Google play store under the microscope for their investigation, which have been downloaded more than a million times – the risky software package was involved in nearly two percent of free Android apps. The apps have been downloaded more than 200 million times. The researchers assume that the developer of the free Android apps probably did not know how much the libraries included in the free Android apps can harm the users, because it transmits data, what can be easily exploited by third parties. The researchers – say how this software is called and what free Android apps is, probably, so that Cyperkriminelle do not know what free Android apps can use them for their projects.

According to the researchers, the software of free Android apps on all private information on mobile phones can access and copy messages SMS, contacts, and also the call lists to statement of the management server and send. So, for example, the Smartphone user’s email address and a list of all programs installed on your Smartphone are transferred by default. To think also that the program library of free Android apps can always reload a new code from the control server and run without any restrictions on the phone.

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Many People Complained, But Instagram’s Plans to Change the Feed Have Not Changed

If you access the Instagram regularly you may have noticed in the last few days a wave of users begging for followers qualify notifications of posts. Size bustle originates in a given news two weeks ago: the Instagram will abandon the chronological order of publications to display photos and videos by relevance. But this change is cause for such panic?

It is direct and straight: no, at least for now. When made the announcement, Instagram revealed that the amendment is still in the testing phase. Only a small group of users is having access to the new way of viewing. The update has no time to get to other accounts. The company said only that the change will be implemented in all profiles in the coming months, a gradual way. Continue reading “Many People Complained, But Instagram’s Plans to Change the Feed Have Not Changed”

Snapchat Releases Update and Brings Chat with Stickers, Audio and Video

An update to Snapchat released on Tuesday (29) released new features for integrated chat application. What was once just a simple chat window with a hidden video calling function has become a complete messenger with Chat 2.0.

You can not deny that Snapchat was much more like the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. In addition to being able to send gallery of images, you can record an audio or video, which is displayed in a small balloon. Another novelty is that the application now allows voice calls to other users.

Recently, Snapchat bought Bitstrips, the company that used to specialize in creating custom stickers and emoji. The deal, which cost 100 million dollars, already starts to make sense with the update: more than 500 stickers available to enhance the conversations. Still can not include the stickers in a conventional snap, but it is expected that the company include something in a future update. Continue reading “Snapchat Releases Update and Brings Chat with Stickers, Audio and Video”

Pelé Processes for Samsung Ad with “Look-Alike” and Asks R $ 108 Million

Pelé is suing Samsung in Chicago, in the United States due to an advertising used by the company that has a “look-alike” star. According to the former footballer, the act is inappropriate, since he did not give permission to someone like they transmit the ad.

As you can see above, it is questionable whether the look-alike really looks like Pele. According to news agency Reuters, the lawsuit says advertising includes the image of a man “closely resembles” it. The complaint was presented by the IP Skin Ownership LLC, which controls the Pelé brand and image rights of the former player. They ask for $ 30 million compensation, equivalent to R $ 108 million.

Published in the American Journal The New York Times, the ad promotes its line of UHD TVs in 4K resolution. The image shows the alleged lookalike animated star next to a Samsung TV showing a football match. The campaign has the slogan “See more. Feel more. ”

Above, the full television ad in the newspaper with the caption “More color. More admiration. ” The complaint also says that advertising has a picture of a football player doing a bicycle kick, which was “perfected and notoriously used by Pele.” Therefore, this set of elements make the reader supposed to remember the star.

As justification, the company says that much of the income comes from advertisements Pelé, and the announcement will affect “the value of the former athlete image rights and confuse consumers who may believe that it endorse products from Samsung.” Pelé already has 75 years and retired in 1977, nearly 40 years ago.

Everything is aggravated by a negotiation made between Samsung and Pelé in 2013, when the South Korean company broke the agreement at the last minute. The IP Skin Ownership says that because of that, Samsung ‘never obtained the rights to use Pele of identity in some way or form “. It is up to the lawyers to prove that the notice was not a rematch for the near-agreement three years ago.

It is true that the star very invoice advertising. According to the magazine Forbes, Pele is the 10th highest paid retired athlete in the world. A Bloomberg, which focuses on finance, says that during the World Cup 2014, Pelé earned $ 25 million in advertising for Subway, Volkswagen, Santander and P & G.

The lawyer of Pelé, Frederick Sperling told Fortune that the goal is to get a “fair compensation for the unauthorized use of the identity of Pelé, and predict future inappropriate uses.” He has played basketball star Michael Jordan, who won $ 8.9 million in damages against a supermarket by a similar premise.

At Reuters , a spokesman for Samsung Danielle Cohen declined to comment. The our site contacted the agency responsible for the corporate part of Samsung in Brazil to a statement on the case and the company said that for now, no comment on the action.